10 Monumental Pros and Cons of Communism


Communism is one of the most controversial socioeconomic structures that has ever existed. This is when all of the resources are owned collectively, creating a completely classless society. Common ownership includes land, food supplies, and all other resources. The people who support a communism society believes that it is the best form of living, while others largely disagree. Here are some of the good and bad things that a communist life brings about.

The Pros of Communism

1. Everyone Is Created Equal, No Matter What

In a communist society, every body gets the same treatment and is entitled to the same lifestyle. This is regardless of their education level, income, or background. All people have food, water, a place to live, and the means to an education, making it seem idealistic.

2. No Social Unrest Due To Class Division

In other type of societies, such as a capitalistic society, there are large gaps between people. These gaps are created by the difference in income and lifestyle. With communism, this doesn’t exist because everyone is living the same class of life. This greatly reduces, if not completely eliminates, social unrest that can cause crimes and violence to run rampant.

3. Unemployment Is Virtually Non Existent

Everyone has to work in a communist country, because everyone contributes to the overall good of the nation. To ensure this, any communist people are assigned certain jobs. Everyone has their place in the community and are motivated to their job because of this.

4. Health Care Is Accessible To Everyone

In capitalistic countries, health care is not considered a “right”, rather a privilege instead. Underneath communism, everyone receives medical attention whenever they need it. Another big thing to note here is that majority of this medical attention is delivered at no cost.

The Cons of Communism

1. It’s A World Of Poverty

In theory, communism sounds like a great idea. Everyone is earning the same amount, making everyone equal. However, the reality of the situation is much different. The people who are making the money are not being given what they truly deserve, and instead are forced to blindly hand over all their earnings to superiors in the government. This creates an entire nation full of poverty, and possibly the widest wage gap imaginable.

2. Wide Spread Corruption

In communism, it is said that the people all own everything, equally. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the government owns everything, every product made and ever cent earned belongs to the government and the dictator. They can do whatever they please with this money, which leads to large amounts of corruption.

3. High Crime Rates

People naturally want to excel in life and make better for themselves and their family. This is practically impossible to do in a communist society. In order to obtain more, people often resort to crimes such as theft and violence. The strict laws that are imposed by the government also result in high confinement rates as well.

4. Isolation Is Not The Answer

One marked characteristic of communism is the people’s complete lack of knowledge of, and communication with, the outside world. They are not allowed to have free media, instead they are given government approved programs that pose no risk to their agenda. The people are often grossly misinformed of the true happenings in the world.

5. You Can’t Leave

The people that live within communist societies often know no other way of life. This is because they usually aren’t permitted to leave. Moving to a different way of life is not an option for these people.

6. Ruled By A Dictator

Communist countries have many things in common, but the biggest is the rule of a dictator. Dictators have full control over all decisions that are made for the country and it’s people. This imbalance of power is misused and abused consistently.

Important Facts About Communism

  • Karl Marx is the founder and creator of communism.
  • North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, and China are just a handful of the countries that operate underneath communism today.
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