A List of Mars Rovers Discoveries and Facts


Learning and knowing things beyond Earth is what fueled man to make advancements in the technology. As soon as work has been started, continuous developments and advancements soon took place. Today, with these technologies, scientists are now able to do studies and discover things about the Solar System’s planets. Mars is among the planets that have always been put to the center of these studies. To learn more about the planet, NASA launched its Mars Rover. As the science space lab returned, it brought with it a list of Mars Rovers discoveries and facts. The list of Mars Rovers discoveries include:

An Ancient Streambed Has Been Found

This is one of the discoveries included on the list of Mars Rovers discoveries and facts upon the return of NASA’s most advanced science space lab. This discovery was found out 7 weeks after the Mars Rover touched down on the planet. Scientists said that water flows from the streambed before and they even told that it is in a knee-deep level. With this, it was concluded that at one point, some parts of the planet did become habitable. That is considering that on Earth, life is possible where water is present.

The Measured Radiation Level on the Red Planet Could be Risky for Humans

A list of Mars Rovers discoveries and facts include that the space lab began assessing the radiation levels on Mars upon its touchdown. Through the data received on the Mars Rover, it enabled scientists to understand the risk that its radiation can cause to humans. It was observed that compared to the first data, the recent information stated a higher radiation level. However, as what the scientists said, astronauts could still be able to endure the radiation level even for a long term.

A Study of the Planet’s Environment From Billions Years Ago Enabled Through a Drilled Rock

One of those that led to the Mars Rovers discoveries and facts was the drilling executed on a Martian rock. The Mars Rover drilled into an outcrop referred to as the John Klein. It was the first this was made to get samples from other planet.

Mars Environment Can be Habitable

This discovery was found out through the drilled Martian rock. From the studies made, the key ingredients on the rock included sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon and hydrogen. It was also discovered that it contains clay minerals, which suggests an aqueous environment from before. The drilled rock was found just within the landing site of Mars Rover. With the discovery, evidence has been gathered proving that within the said site, microbial life existed in there before.

The Mars Environment Lacks Methane Substance

The Mars Rover has sniffed the air on the planet. It was found out that the environment of Mars does not have even a bit of methane present in it.

The information is just some of those included on a list of Mars Rovers discoveries and facts. In the future, there may be other discoveries that will be found on Mars. To know more about it, just keep yourself updated all the time.


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