UFO Underground Bases


One of the most popular theories that surrounds the idea of extra-terrestrial life existing is the prevalence of underground UFO bases. There are some groups of people that believe that aliens live on other planets in the universe and there are others that think they reside on Earth, just simply hidden from plain sight. Below is a list of the most well-known underground UFO bases in the world.

1. New York City

There is an elevator shaft located below the city that is known by very few people. This elevator shaft is said to lead to underground UFO bases within the area of Midtown Manhattan. The entrance can be found in one of the many tunnels in the city.

2. Nahanni Valley (Canada)

There is mist surrounding the area due to the geysers and hot springs that keep it over 30 degrees warmer than every other area around the Mackenzie Mountains. It is said that animals are the only creatures that can live in the valley as humans will go missing and turn up headless or dead. It is said that aliens live within the valleys and prey on the humans that visit there.

3. Maltese Caves (Malta)

Near the village of Casal Paula, there is an entrance to the Maltese Caves. In 1902 there were workmen that fell into a cavern that included an entire complex of tunnels and different caves. These were obviously built way before they had discovered them, and so people now believe that the aliens originally built them and still live there today. They are now sealed as a ground of 30 students disappeared into the caves and no trace of their bodies was ever recovered.

4. Dulce Base (New Mexico)

There is a military base and laboratory located in New Mexico that is said to be underground and connected to hundreds of different tunnels that spread throughout the entire planet. Enthusiasts believe that aliens inhabit the tunnels and control the entire military base and laboratory. The surrounding areas have experienced an increased amount of animal mutilations, said to be at the fault of aliens as well.

5. Lake Ontario (Canada)

It is said that there are tunnels beneath Lake Ontario as there have been numerous UFO sightings of space crafts with orange lights coming in and out of the lake near Oakville and Toronto. These tunnels may be connected to underground bases and cities filled with alien populations.


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