Orange UFO Sightings


UFOs come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. People from around the world are constantly reporting different unidentified objects in the sky throughout the year but orange UFO sightings have become quite popular. Since 2012, more and more people are beginning to see “orange fire balls” of light in the sky that are simply unexplainable.


The National UFO Reporting Center has released several statements explaining how more of the public have begun to see different shades or red, orange, and yellow balls of light in the skies. According to witnesses they are completely unexplainable, meaning that they aren’t aircraft, meteors, weather balloons, satellites, etc. In fact, on November 10th 2012 you’ll notice that the NUFORC received an insurmountable number of fireball sightings throughout the United States.

Multiple Lights

One of the most common elements of these UFO sightings is the fact that they are generally seen with more than one light involved in the phenomenon. In most cases the orange UFOs are seen moving together in unison throughout the sky. In some cases they may form a shape such as an “O” or a “U” whereas others may be scattered through seemingly involved with one another.

Silent Travel

Another common aspect of the documented orange UFOs is the fact that they are entirely silent while they are moving. This means that there can’t be any type of motor or engine used on the aircraft like your typical airplane or helicopter. In fact, that is how most people distinguish the difference between regular aircraft and UFOs as UFOs are generally silent.

Low Flying

Civilian and military aircraft generally fly at certain heights but these orange UFOs have the tendency to fly lower than you would normally expect. This is why it is so confusing as to why you can’t hear any engine or motor sounds if they were regular planes or helicopters. There have been several sightings where people have been driving on the road and were able to get close enough to the UFO so that they could seemingly distinguish faint details about the UFO.

UFOs are absolutely everywhere in the world and they are well documented by many. Orange UFOs are becoming seemingly more popular though there doesn’t seem to be a real reason why. Whether they are in a large formation or a few lights traveling together, orange UFOs are clearly popular and are here to stay.


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