UFO Sightings in Ohio


Ohio is listed as one of the top 10 states in the United States that has had a variety of different UFO sightings over the years. With over 3000 reports as per the NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) people have noticed flashing lights, burning triangles, and other interesting unidentified flying objects in the night skies. Below are just a few of the many sightings that have been noted over time.


On December 12th, 2011, an individual notice strange lights in the sky in Beachwood, a town approximately 10 miles out of Cleveland, Ohio. The individual claims to have seen bright white lights falling out of the night sky and the colors of the lights changed as it fell from white to red. They called 911 to report what they had seen though they never received any response from the authorities as to the legitimacy of the event.

Miami Township

Approximately 20 miles out of Dayton, a person walking their dog saw a bright white light in the sky above their home. They observed the strange light for approximately 2 minutes assuming that it was just a plane that was flying low. Once the UFO started to fly Southeast, its flight pattern turned upwards and then it changed from a bright white to a red. Eventually the light became smaller until it completely disappeared out of the sky.

Rural Area of Ohio

A couple who wishes to remain anonymous were driving on the night of June 6th, 2011. They live in a rural area and began to approach something in front of them that seemed to be a vehicle driving with their hazards on. The closer that they got to the unidentified object, the thing that they were seeing appeared to pulsate. The closer that they got, the more it seemed that the UFO was actually hovering above the road and it began to move faster. Once the couple had passed the UFO by going down a separate street it began to follow them.


Located approximately 20 miles Northwest of Cincinnati, an individual noticed several indications of a UFO. At first they noticed lights in the sky that were the size of baseballs and they all began moving together like they were entirely connected. The lights were white-blue in color and they were silent when they moved over the individual’s house. As the balls of light moved in unison they eventually created a sharp “U” shape.


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