First UFO Sighting in America


UFOs are regularly documented throughout the world but the United States is the number one country that has the most. The first UFO sighting in America was seen over the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts in 1639. It is such a memorable UFO sighting because the individual that spotted the UFO actually wrote a journal entry about the encounter so that he would be able to recall it in the future.

Governor John Winthrop is the person who noticed the light above the Charles River as they began to fly quickly back and forth across the river. They travelled in a repetitive pattern between Charlestown and Back Bay Fens. This is another reason as to why this sighting is so popular because Governor John Winthrop was noted as a man with a good reputation.

According to the journal entry the sighting was noted as a great light at the “Muddy River”. When he stood up, he noticed that the light began to turn into a flame approximately 3 yards in size. When the light began to make their way across the river, it ran up and down for approximately 3 hours. They eventually disappeared over the water but many other people also saw the lights such as divers. As time progressed, the local area changed so in past-day Boston, Back Bay wasn’t filled in and was a body of open water. The distance across the river at that time would have been about 2 miles in size.

As previously mentioned, other witnesses had noticed the same type of lights in the area. They noted that the lights moved in the shape of a swine such as pigs. The main aspect of this encounter is the fact that the Governor thought that it was prevalent enough to document in his own personal journal and that so many other people saw it as well.

UFOs are seen around the world and most of the time they aren’t documented by famed public figures. In the case of the first UFO sighting in America, Governor John Winthrop thought that it was an event that should be remembered for many years to come so he ensured that he documented the event down to the last detail. Massachusetts is now one of the top 10 states in the United States with UFO sightings and they can be seen relatively anywhere by anyone.


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