UFO Sightings in Virginia


Virginia is one of the many states in the continental United States that has a long list of UFO sightings. From people who are simply driving through the state to long-time residents, there are hundreds of different accounts to take into consideration. Below are just a few of the most popular UFO sightings that have happened in Virginia over the years.

Nash-Fortenberry Experience – 1952

First Officer William B. Nash and Second Officer William H. Fortenberry along with Captain F.V. Koepke were on a Pan American World Airways DC-4 doing a regular trip from New York to Miami on July 14th, 1952. The aircraft was cruising approximately 8000 feet in the air above Virginia and they began to notice an object on the right side of the plane near the ground. The object was glowing a red-orange color and it was so noticeable that one of the pilots shouted “What the hell is that?”

According to the pilot’s reports, there were 6 different bright objects that began heading in their general direction at an incredibly fast speed. They were supposedly 20x brighter than any of the city lights that were scattered along the ground. The objects disappeared while they were over Chesapeake Bay and they flew under the nose of the plane.

West Virginia Sighting – 2014

On October 12th, 2014 around 10 PM there were 10 different witnesses that experienced the same unidentified flying objects over West Virginia. They stated that they saw 3 separate UFOs and then they were followed by a fourth UFO. All of the men were workers at a coal plant and all 10 of them saw triangle-shaped crafts that were large in size. The UFOs were moving silently and according to the witnesses they were the size of football fields.

Cluster of Virginia Sightings – 1965

The first month of 1965 had at least 5 separate witnesses that stated that they saw UFOs throughout the entire state of Virginia. Some witnesses saw bright and circular crafts whereas others experienced a close encounter with the aliens themselves. They described the beings as being reddish-orange in color but surprisingly human. The thing that is most interesting about these accounts is the fact that they were so widespread throughout the state and yet they all occurred within the same month. It is one of the most popularly documented UFO phenomena in the history of Virginia.


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