Real Cost for a NASA Manned Mission to Mars


Going to red planet has been the biggest visualizations of mankind. For many years, mankind has looked upon Mars with envy, while believing that it has a civilization of living much like the planet Earth. As a matter of fact, during Pathfinder mission a lot of people were persuaded that Red Planet contained much advance civilization compared to Earth. There are lots of revelation and scientific documents written on the Martial society structure. But, now mankind is pretty sure that there are no civilization lives on Red Planet and even the option of bacteria and any organism living on this planet is slim.

What Makes Mars Unique

Even though, this doesn’t alter the reason that living to mars is a feasible mission. Mars is the solitary planet which has a workable atmosphere which is vulnerable to Terraforming methods in the reach of human technology. Mars is a planet which is closer to the general position of Earth, not like Venus. Its surface and atmospheric temperature is tolerable. Hence, because of this living on Mars will be a doable and viable mission.

Concerns Regarding Life on Mars

The biggest concern in Living on Mars is the phenomenal cost connected with it. Newest NASA estimates, Mars mission will cost just about one billion dollar or more. Even if, the whole world expenses on defence is virtually twice this whole amount, spending one billion for this objective doesn’t seem likely with the different world economic concerns which plaguing the world economy.

Leading companies and agencies provide an estimate on the cost of tripping to Red Planet. NASA has an estimate of 100 billion US dollars, SpaceX has 36 billion dollar estimate while Mars Society has 30 billion US dollar estimate. This also shows that even the cheapest estimate is equivalent to 2.5 million around the world journey with your friends and family members.

How Humans Would Live

The thing regarding travelling to this planet is the fact that you need to be sheltered always. The mainstream of imaginary Manned Red Planet mission will utilize the land their journey in as a house with parts which will inflate after landing for extra space.

The expense of shelter will be integrated into the cost of travel. The included cost using inflatable home that has 120 meter living room will be 267 million US dollars (NASA) or 150 million US dollars (SpaceX).

In order to live you required water and food. The expense of storing and transporting food supply for one year has an estimate of 13 to 42 million US dollars.

Cost of Living on Mars

The Cost of Living on Mars infographics shows that the expense of living on Red Planet is a little bit expensive than here. Living on Mars, you need to pay approximately 209 dollars to mail on Earth or make a 1 minute call to your friends on Earth. Viewing one high definition on networking site YouTube is approximately 37.244 dollars. It is essential to think about that sending one text message to Red Planet will be reasonable than sending text messages on Earth. The bottom line here is, it will cost billions and billions of dollars to live on Mars. Unexpectedly living on Green Planet does not seem so costly after all.

Cost of Living on Mars


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