Chuck Missler UFO


Chuck Missler, full name Charles ‘Chuck’ Missler, is a former businessman, an engineer, author, evangelical Christian and Bible teacher. He has had a successful career at Ford Motor Company, Western Digital where he became the chairman and chief executive and was also the largest stockholder of the time and later founded the Koinonia House Ministry which is based at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Who Is He?

Chuck Missler is extremely well versed with aerospace, computer technology and he had graduated from US Naval Academy. Those credentials don’t really make him an expert on UFO or aliens but he has developed a forte for the same through his studies, research and his interpretation of biblical prophecies.

Chuck Missler UFO explanations are not substantiations of witness accounts or corroboration of the government explanations, standpoints or cover-ups. Instead, Missler sheds light on the truth. He discards the hoaxes and the unsubstantiated claims and instead focuses on what evidence is already available for us to determine if there are UFOs and aliens.

Chuck Missler sheds light on the Roswell incident and proved that it was indeed the crashing of an unidentified object and that there were victims of the crash. He has brought to light photographic evidence to state the same. He pulls together UFO sightings from across the world, all of which have been substantiated by photographic or video evidence. It is difficult, if not impossible, to reject Chuck Missler UFO explanations.

Is He Credible?

Beyond the science and the reality of what has been happening for centuries in regards to UFOs and aliens, Chuck Missler also offers biblical references that point out to the landing of UFOs or life beyond our planet that we are not yet aware of. He uses a theory known as Nephilim to put forth what the bible has mentioned about aliens, angels, demons and various dimensions of the universe. According to Missler, Bible states that angels and humans cohabited the world at one stage, that gods procreated with humans and that there are fallen angels who are regarded as demons and a threat to mankind.

Chuck Missler UFO explanations and the quest for the truth are commendable and so are his interpretations. While there will not be unanimity or even consensus on his interpretations of biblical references and prophecies, there is no denying the real UFO sightings and how the various governments in the world have covered them up and classified the information.


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