Classic Alien Abduction Symptoms


The term Alien abduction refers to the loss of memories of a person caused by an unidentified creature and t is also subjected to complex some psychological and physical complex. People who claim to be abducted are called experiences and abductees.

Classic Abduction Symptoms

Here some classic alien symptoms that may help you identify if you are currently experiencing alien abduction:

Failure of Connection
If you will that you cannot connect to your family, friends and other people around you. This feeling may cause confusion.

Feeling Out of Place
This is the feeling that some makes you feel that you came from strange place that you cannot identify.

Looking for an Answer
If you often look in the stars to obtain an answer and if you feel that there is something wrong about anything you might be experiencing the so called alien abduction.

You Feel Different from Other
It is somehow true and normal that in some point people are different to each other especially in different aspects but for those victims and alien abductees they feel different to other creature with deeper and higher intensity.

Your Body Temperature is Lower than Average
If your body temperature is lower than the normal body temperature of a person then possibility that you are alien abductees is high.

Avoid Interaction with Others
You do not like to live in larger cities and interact with many people. People claiming that they are alien abductees usually have a high level of consciousness and awareness. They also feel being overloaded if they overrun with people’s thoughts and energies. Too much exposure with many people can cause them pain, aging and frustration that’s why they prefer to not interact with people. Victims and alien abductees usually do not have a clear thought and information on what is happening to his or her life.

An Animal Love
Alien abductees and victims usually love animals but they do not like to touch them because it may cause them allergies.

Believe in Something that Cannot be Prove
You believe that some impossible things to happen can be possible.

See Inter Dimensional Things
You can be alien abductees if you can see some inter dimensional things such as angels, deceased family members and other things that are not yet proven that exist and normal people cannot see.

Psychic Abilities
If you can see the things running on a person’s mind, ego and personality, then you can be a victim and an alien abductee. It is a symptom of alien abduction because a normal person cannot do things like reading and knowing what other people think.

High Sensitiveness and Awareness
An experience and alien abductees cannot tolerate hearing lies because they have the ability to read and know what people’s on mind.

You Do Not Want to Hear Blame
Alien abductees do not want to hear people’s problems and blames because it cause them frustration, aging and pain.

These are symptoms that a person can feel and experience if he or she is suffering from an alien abduction. The alien abduction systems can also help to make other people understand the condition and the life style of some people who are under alien abduction.


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