Cool Facts About the Planet Mercury


Mercury is one of the small planets in the space and the orbit of it is closer to the sun as compared to other planets. This is planet has a hot surface and the surface of it is covered with crates just like the planet Earth. According to the astronomy mythology, mercury is the Roman version of the Greek God Hermes. Hermes was featured as a man with wings and wear sandals. Aside from being a messenger, he is also the protector of merchants and travelers. Going back to the planet, Mercury is visible in the sky at night and in the early morning but some people can’t see or recognize it.

The Atmosphere of Mercury

Mercury is also called the morning star because it really shines so bright in the early morning. It is also called as the evening star because it also has the brightest light in the sky. You will never see this planet when the sun is out. Due to its close distance to the sun, this planet has a slow and different course in some planets. When the sun is being formed, it slightly pushes out the lighter the dust and gas in the inner surface of the solar system. Then, it leaves the heavy elements on its atmosphere.

It is true that this planet is made up of a huge percentage of heavy elements such as iron. Mercury has a core that is forms the 75 percent part of it. It has a thin crust or mantle which is measured 500 to 600 kilometers or 300 to 400 miles. The surface of Mercury is almost covered with craters which are made by eons due to the comets and asteroids. The entire celestial bodies inside the solar system are one of the subjects of bombardments. But, most planets have the ability to heal themselves through the help of the natural geological process.

Size and Elements of Planet Mercury

Due to the hard and thick crust of it, until now, there are no volcanic activities happen in its atmosphere. The gases that are released by Mercury rapidly escape in the space. It is stated above that this planet is near the sun and this is the reason why the atmosphere of it is blown away by the solar winds. Hence, Mercury doesn’t have air.

The size of this mercury is bigger than the moon of Earth. The surface of it usually faces the sun that’s why it reaches the hottest temperature 800 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, the temperature of it is lowered to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason why it gets a lower temperature at night is due to the temperature that regulates the atmosphere.

When the iron core is contracted and cooled, the surface of this planet creates wrinkles. These wrinkles are called Lobate Scarps. Lobate Scarps usually exists for about a mile or hundreds of miles. If you want to gather more information about this planet, you can search for more cool facts about the planet mercury through the internet. This planet remains to be popular since before until now and there might be more interesting facts that you can learn about this.


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