Details on the Kecksburg UFO


On December 9, 1965 at Kecksburg, a mysterious object has been sighted glimmering across the sky as it moves. Many say that this mysterious object was falling at a strange motion. People who have seen this sighting in Kecksburg said that the object was moving differently unlike a falling object from space such as satellites and meteors. The object was definitely falling yet it has a strange movement from other space falling objects. Many people saw the same falling pattern, making this situation more alluring and intriguing to tackle. According to many people, the mysterious object while it was moving across the sky was capable of control and it was unlikely a meteor or a satellite.

Before the army has interfered at the scene of the sighting of the mysterious falling object, there are some people who are preset at the sighting some of them said that the figure of the mysterious falling object was similar to an acorn that was partially buried on the ground due to the impact of the crash. The size of the mysterious falling object was large, large enough to fit a full grown man in a standing position. Its color was described as a bronze gold that is made out of metal. The object was considered a hard metal that has mysterious markings similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The scene of the sighting was described as similar to a falling object from outer space but incomparable to those of a meteor. The crash site of mysterious falling object is not as damaged as a meteor crash site. The site was contains minimal damage. Though, some trees have fallen the impact power and the damaged done on the site is not from a satellite crash and meteor crash.

The comments of people who have seen the moment of mysterious falling object before crashing are correlated to the pattern the mysterious falling object have crashed. If the mysterious falling object is capable of control this is the concrete reason on why the crash site is not the same as a satellite or a meteor crash. But as fast as the army reacted, there are only fragments of the truth have been revealed. The mysterious falling object has remained mysterious in the eyes and knowledge of the public.

Many people that day have been puzzled about what the mysterious object was and what was in it. This mysterious object, even now has gained a lot of attention worldwide. This sighting ignited people worldwide attention specifically curiosity. There are so many people who are riddled and are puzzled on what really happened that night. Many people are intrigued on why the government specifically the military is trying to cover up the situation. Fragments of the sighting remains questionable for many of the people who can contribute are hiding important information. With this, the situation on December 9, 1965 remained unclear and up to now has provided people worldwide more and more questions without the appropriate answer and truth.


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