Details on the Russian Alien Autopsy


In alleged reports, it is said that Russia made its first contact with aliens in 1942. Though there were further news released that the country still continues to have communication with extra terrestrials, there were no proof or evidences showing about these particular instances. But aside from these assumed instances, a particular occurrence in the history of Russian communication with aliens is the alien autopsy video that was released after a UFO crash has been reported.

The Events of the Crash

This crash has happened in 1969 in Sverdlovsky state. As reports have stated, the UFO has crashed and the Russian military was the one who have recovered the UFO. There were videos and photos of the close up images of the UFO and the place where it was found. Aside from the vehicle, it was also included in the reports that along with the vehicle are the remains of the alien. To secure the remains of the found alien as well as the UFO, the debris were taken to a particular secured site within the country. In this site, experts analyzed the entirety of the saucer and made a complete autopsy for the body of the remains of the alien.

As for the details of the alien’s autopsy, there were no clear information about the results of the autopsy and who have performed the said process. There were videos showing the entire autopsy made but there were no real photos released that are based from the autopsy. Though there were people doubting about the facts behind the video that was released, there were experts saying that the fact that the autopsy procedure in the video was not done professionally, it should definitely be doubted.

Fact or Fiction?

Given that there are many are interested with learning about reports about the autopsy, many only rely to watch the video spreading about the alien being autopsied during those times. As what the video shows, an alleged alien is lying and is believed to be dead and is in the process of being autopsied. It may gruesome for people to watch the entire video but as the video ends, people can see some insights of what alien bodies are composed of and what the differences of their bodies to humans.

Aside from the doubts about the video, there were also people saying the reports about the communication of Russia with aliens were not true. People say that these alleged meetings were just made up and were not even showing any fact. But in contrary, the Soviet secret police released that the body was completely examined within the anatomy department of Semashko Medical Institute that is located in Moscow.

Having this issue for several years now, a credible broadcasting company in Russia reported that the alleged video was provided by a past KGB officer namely pavel Klimchenkov. It was also added that the video was leaked and was released for the media. The video and all the reports included were said to be real and that the country was really in continued communication with the aliens for several decades already.


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