Details on the Trumbull County UFO


The Trumbull County UFO is one of the most intriguing UFO sightings ever. On December 14, 1994 in Ohio Youngstown, the Trumbull Country 911 had begun receiving calls around midnight from town’s people. The first of the caller was from an adult female who is complaining of a strange flying object that produces strange light and is hovering at a low altitude near her residence. The Trumbull Country 911 had continuously received so many calls related to the strange hovering object.

As a response, they have started to dispatch police officers to investigate this situation. Before the police have arrived at the scene, many people from 3 different locations have encountered this mysterious happening that occurred simultaneously. Many people in Trumbull including the Trumbull police have seen and experience the unnatural and puzzling phenomenon.

The 3 different locations that had experienced the situation at the same time are found within the Trumbull territory. The mysterious phenomenon had caused unexplained disturbance especially on animals and electronic devices. The mysterious hovering objects continued to fly at a low altitude. With this, people and the police identified the mysterious flying object as non-human made aircraft.

Many people that night have been puzzled and confused as to what that mysterious hovering object was. In order to have a clear view of the mysterious flying object one of the officers with high powered advance binoculars had seen the closes people can see. The mysterious flying object was certainly not man made or so not yet been published human technology.

As many people have experienced a lot of strange things that night. There are still questions that need clarification and closure, which was not given due to the interference of the government specifically the army. That night on December 14 after a few minutes of close encounter with the strange and unknown hovering object, the army began to move and interfered with the unnatural phenomenon that happened in Ohio Youngstown.

The army scrambled 3 of their jets to interact and check the strange phenomenon. The responsible branch of the army that was involved with these occurrences was the Air National Guard based in Vienna and Federal Aviation Administration. When contacted by the media and other concerned people, the base stated that there were no jets that where scrambled the night of December 24. The Federal Aviation Administration that has the technology to detect inbound and out bound flying object, stated that they were unable to detect any of the flying object that night both visually and the use or the radar.

But there was an officer from Howland township and a security guard at Federal Aviation Administration who had reported of visually seen the strange occurrences and the jet scrambled that night. According to the government, the incident was not an alien encounter, and treated it as a myth. It is claimed that some people in Ohio Youngstown who have experienced the occurrence were just seeing things in different way; that this was not based on true events. The truth was hidden within the hands of the government that puzzled a lot of people worldwide.


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