Do Scientologists Believe in Aliens


Scientology is known to be a religion where people believe that humans are not bodies, but immortal beings who have only forgotten their true self or nature. Scientologists do not believe in aliens but they take hold of some information about an extraterrestrial ruler called Xenu who killed space aliens and the souls of the aliens are called as body thetans. Though there are people saying that most scientologists do not believe or are not aware of aliens stuff, there are still some people in the religion who are fully aware of this.

It is said that people who are entering in the religion who have not fully entered being in the higher levels such as 3 to 7. The story about the extraterrestrial ruler about Xenu is said to be told only to those people in the higher level so as to give them the truth about the body thetans and learn about the truth behind their existence. Though there are many stories and misstatements about the beliefs and practices of people under scientology, there are still many people who stay within the church and follow their practices.

The Belief Structure of Scientologists

What expert scientologists are saying about their belief is that, they are basing their belief with the right communication of body with the spirit and get rid of these spirits. Scientologists believe that there is a threefold fundamental in their religion and these are the following:

• Men are immortal spiritual beings.
• Experiences are extending beyond one lifetime.
• Capabilities of men are unlimited even if it is not yet realized.

These are the things that are taught to new scientologists and are being imposed as they grow under the beliefs, practices and ethics of the religion. Many expert scientologists are saying that the religion is helping people to work on certain methods and apply it in their lives to achieve particular goals they had with their years of existence.

The Knowledge and Past Life of Scientologists

Though the religion is not believing in reincarnation, they believe that people has past lives. What they believe in is that the souls of people who die just get other bodies where they can live and continue with their lives. They believe that these souls will come back since they have the responsibility to achieve something in the future that they have not achieved while they were still alive.

Aside from ordinary people, there are many celebrities who are considered and are recognized faces of scientology. Some of these celebrities are John Travolta, Tom Cruise and more. These celebrities are known to have higher levels of body thetans and have already achieved achievements in their lives because of the religion.

Though there may be people who are saying that the religion is not really into aliens, the story about Xenu is always connected to their beliefs. There are people saying that the core belief of the religion is about the story of Xenu and how he killed aliens, which are now occupying bodies in Earth. With these things in mind, the basic principle that Scientology has is, somehow, mixed yet many members comply with its practices and with what they believe in.


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