Famous Alien Abductions


Alien abduction, according to many is just a matter of hallucinating; a mysterious night vision which makes their prey think they were coming from Mars and an interstellar joyride.

Others also think that stories regarding this matter are a hard fact, which aliens are utilizing humans to undo the unexplained thing about a universe that might or might not need something to relate with an annoying sound in a strange place.

It looks like that this odd occurrence is ingrained forever in human culture. Most of the infamous incidents of Alien abductions have initiated books, movies as well as historical recognition. Here are some of the most cases of alien abduction reported.

The first alien abduction happened somewhere in Brazil in 1950s, when one farmer stated that he saw a spacecraft that emits vivid light landed on the farm where he is working. He saw this strange thing constantly, this happening left a disturbing proof of UFO experimentation. The farmer took by the alien to their ship.

When he came back, he declared the occurrence produced signs like loss of appetite, nausea, bruising and headaches. The researcher has changed on their results on the other hand varying results just gave it credibility and infamy amongst believers as well as skeptics, particular for those who also want to see alien in person.

Since the daybreak if time there are cases reported about alien abduction, on the other hand the most popular and talk of the town incident and the first documented case happens in Portsmouth, NH. This alien abduction occurs in 1961 in September while driving home come from Canada. They saw a vivid light that jutted out of the evening sky on a dim street. As this light approached them, the couple sees humanoid creatures that staring out of the pane of the spaceship. They lost their memory for two hours, however, stated that the couple was returned to their vehicle they see some damages to their dress and they left their shoes to the spaceship.

This incident made the couple celebrity and make this Betty the first Alien Hunter. New Hampshire also documented the prodigy with a certified historical mark on the fifth alien abduction anniversary.

7 ½ years after this incident, the states of New England will again hold a UFO abduction. Buff Ledge will be the place of a dropping by 4 alien that will make ground breaking and radical aerial maneuvers. Two politicians will experience missing time and ask professional assistance.

Another renowned alien abduction happened to seven loggers. As they started their way home, these loggers see a bright object that looks like a disc. All the seven loggers agreed which Travis Walton, fascinated by the bright light and left the car to see what is happening and what this object is. He was hit by a beam that makes him weak. Travis fades away for 5 days and soon started telling his experience about inside the spacecraft.

There are many alien abductions happens all over the world. Some of these have proof while some are just a tale. It is all up to you if you believe it or not.


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