Famous Nordic Alien Encounters


Nordic aliens are known to be space brothers and are said to be self-described as contactees of extra terrestrials from their planet to earth. Many UFOlogists are saying that these are referred as group of particular humanoid extra terrestrials who may resemble racial images of the European people. More specifically these are also called as Nordic-Scandinavians.

These Nordic aliens are described to be human-like beings having a height of 6 to 7 feet, have long blond hairs and often have blue eyes. Most of the time, people who have reported to have encountered these beings say that these beings would usually come as males. The skin would likely range from being fair colored to a tan complexion. These beings are also reported to have an excellent physique and usually wore skintight clothing. It is noted that, through the years there were many contactees who have reported various encounters with these aliens and have referred to as the same descriptions as what is described in reports.

Popular Encounters with Nordic Aliens

Jordan Maxwell

Maxwell is a researcher who has claimed that he made a particular encounter with an alien. This happened when he was just 19 and he was meant to meet the father of his new girlfriend. The father of his girlfriend asked him about something in his childhood, and was skeptical about the thought about how the father knew about that instance. The father told him that they were there at that moment and said that they were watching him.

As a proof that he has alien connections, he was taken to the yard where the father has summoned 3 flying saucers. There are succeeding conversations after where he was told that he has enemies and they were there to protect him. But unexpectedly, there was one instance when he did not see the family again when he was supposed to visit them and just saw the house empty. After this encounter, Maxwell believed that he has a mission to investigate the agenda of aliens.

Travis Walton

He was one of the popular people who have reported to have encounter with Nordic aliens and this encounter has happened in 1975. Walton stumbled upon a ship of the Nordics with blue suits and was injured because of the energy discharged after he has gotten closer to the ship. To be treated the aliens have brought him aboard, which was noticeable for his absence for a few days. He woke up inside the said ship, walked around the ship and was asked by a man in a bodysuit to go to another room where the same aliens are staying. One of the aliens, a female, placed a device on his mouth which made him pass out.

These are just some of the popular encounters with Nordic aliens and are found out to have particular basis to the stories of the contactees. There were more reported encounters by contactees to these Nordic aliens and were found out to be realistic than other stories told by then.


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