Gulf Breeze Ufo- What Really Happened


In the latter part of 1987, the public was shocked with the gulf breeze UFO- what really happened and who or what are the creatures involved. This year was already at the midst of high quality UFO hunting methods and equipment. Ed Walters claim evidences about the appearance of UFO in his home. News about the incident exploded. There were also high quality photos that spread and it became the subject in social media. The incident is succeededby the discovery of a model in the house of the Walters. However it still leaves the public which is to believe about thegulf breeze UFO – what really happened as to the pictures which serve as evidences. Here are some opinions of experts on the photos.

The Facts

1. The first photo by Ed Walters on November 11, 987 was captured between 4:30 and 5 pm. The picture reveals the UFOsituated in the street along several homes. The truth about high quality cameras is that there is no difficulty in producing a double or even triple exposure. All you have to do is to get the camera and prepare a blackbackdrop. The backdrop will allow the emulsion not be disturbed with the reflected light. The second exposure is definitely picked up by the emulsion which can produce a UFO image in the sky.

2. You can also reflect on the gulf breeze UFO- what really happenedas regards to thepicture evidences. You can distinguish a staged photo in the pictures as the UFO is situated in the same location in each picture. The photographer can memorize the placement of the picture to have them in the same location.

3. If you are going to look closer on the photos claimed as evidences, you can hardly see the background and the foreground. Both are blurred. In contrary, the image of the UFO is very clear

4. Many people have also queries on the gulf breeze UFO- what really happenedin the swimming pool. The pool shot is composed of two series. The first one comprises the incidence where in Ed Walter was in the shower upon the arrival of the UFO. This makes the wife calls for him and he proceeds outside. The creature hovers in which the dog is included and the second is shot with Ed in the photo.

5. In this case the UFO is immobile. If you are a good observer, you will notice that the image of the dog and Ed in the photo have the same location. Thatmeans they are in the same place at the pool. In this way, you can conclude that the UFO is immobile and the only thing that moved is the camera.

These sides are just one of the drawbacks of the claim of Ed Walter when it comes to the pictures which he claims as evidences. However these are just opinion from camera master and it is just intended on the side of the coin that is not usually noticed. In the end, it is still individuals opinion that prevail regarding thegulf breeze UFO – what really happened


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