Hudson Valley UFO


The Hudson Valley UFO sighting is not a standalone incident. While there was one night when thousands of people had claimed to have spotted an UFO, the sightings had been reported many times over a period of six years.

The First Sighing

The first Hudson Valley UFO sighting was reported on 31st December, 1981. Through 1982 to 1984, the reports of UFO sightings had peaked and then the sightings subsided. It is unclear if there was actually so many sightings through those six years or if it were overenthusiastic people just following up the craze that had been created by the incident on 31st December 1981.
Much of what is reported are just claims and not really substantiated but what cannot be rejected as a claim is the first Hudson Valley UFO sighting.

The Details

It was the night of 31st December, when thousands of people spotted a giant airship which was initially characterized by three lights in the shape of a triangle but later emerged to be a giant aircraft. There are many accounts of this sighting and all of them seem to corroborate that the large aircraft moved slowly and silently. There wasn’t much noise as was and is still common with flying objects. One theory stated that it could have been a weather or hot air balloon which would have moved slowly and quietly but those seldom fly at night and then flying balloons would not come as a surprise to people in New York or Connecticut since they were accustomed with such flying objects. Besides, flying or weather balloons are not that vast in size, laterally.

Blimps were also considered by some critics but then speaking with blimp pilots and manufacturers had revealed that no blimp was hovering over the Hudson Valley that night. Considering all theories put against the Hudson Valley UFO sighting, it can be safely said that people were not wrong in stating that some mysterious object which was much larger than a normal airplane did hover over the valley and did travel quite a distance. People from as far away as New Haven and Brookfield in Connecticut, Kent and Poughkeepsie in New York, had spotted the same sighting.
That night of 31st December 1981, thousands of people called the police and jammed the switchboards. Surely, that cannot be a preempted or preplanned reaction by people from various parts of different cities and beyond. The numerous reports of sightings later may be an exaggeration or just playing with the vogue.


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