Lake Erie UFO


UFOs are something that are discussed amongst an ample amount of people throughout the world. With the worldwide popularity of UFOs, nearly every state and province in North America and other countries have experienced at least one encounter in the past. Dating back to the 1980s through today, there have been numerous reports of unidentified flying objects making their way near the areas surrounding Lake Erie. Below is one of the most prevalent tales.

The 1988 Coast Guard

It is rather rare for there to be written evidence, especially in the form of a report, of a UFO or extraterrestrial activity. In this case, a U.S. Coast Guard report outlines information pertaining to a very interesting encounter during one evening in 1988. According to the report, “These objects had red, green, white, and yellow lights on them that strobe intermittently. They also had the ability to stop and hove in mid-flight”.

Further along in the report, it begins to describe how it started as a larger object that eventually had smaller objects coming out of it. This is has been commonly seen as a “mother ship” and smaller ships emerging from it. The report states, “The smaller objects began hovering in the area where the large object landed and after a few minutes they began flying around again”. This is one of the most popular accounts of a UFO being sighted off of Lake Erie.

As the unidentified flying objects began to land, they started to rumble the ice.

As previously mentioned, Lake Erie is one of the most popular areas for UFO sightings and this popularity was captured by the History Channel that produced a special in 2008 about the sightings. The investigators with the History Channel found this story in particular to be quite fascinating, mostly because Lake Erie is such a large lake (60 miles) that it seemed nearly impossible for people to see lights on both sides of the body of water. Not to mention that there is also a nuclear plant that makes the entire area a no-fly zone. In the event of a regular aircraft flying in the same air space, it would be considered a large violation of regulations.

There have been numerous sightings over this vast body of water spanning an ample amount of years, with the most recent sightings being in 2006 and 2007. Whether real or fake, the truth behind life outside of Earth is something interesting to take into consideration.


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