Link Between Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Aliens


The link between Egyptian hieroglyphics and aliens are well established. There is an ongoing speculation about alien intervention when it comes to pyramid design and intervention. Whether it is real or not, whether there is or there is no tie that exists between aliens, UFO phenomenon, and Egypt is indeed objective reality, it’s definitely provocative.

Egyptian hieroglyphics are the symbols. These hieroglyphics are very intriguing as cultural symbols. They are somewhat holographic concept or ideas that actually fold back on themselves, which make them doubly powerful. Egyptian hieroglyphics are symbols, to state the obvious, in a ways that they’re literary characters in a logographic alphabetic system of writing. They actually carry meanings intrinsically.

There are some scientists and archaeologists that say Egyptian hieroglyphics show signs and images of UFOs. One of the many designs in these hieroglyphics are seen in Mexico in stonework and pottery. Well, advanced mathematical, geometrical, and astronomical knowledge, which are being taught in institutions today actually originated from Ancient Egypt. But the question is where did they come from? The Egyptian people seemed to equipped deep knowledge and understanding about outer space. There are actually spiral images in the Egyptian hieroglyphics, which mean galaxies, energy, etc. Aside from that, there are images of some half animal half human creatures, and reptilian creatures.

Some people actually think that these are images and symbols of extraterrestrials. Images from a three thousand year old ‘New Kingdom Temple’ in Egypt also shows some images of the modern day submarines, helicopters, and something that seems to be UFO on their ceiling.

There are also theories that surround time travelling Egypt and aliens. There are Egyptian legends that tell about Tep Zepi. It is actually described as the time when the ‘Sky Gods’ has descended on Earth and has raised lands from water and mud. They supposedly travel or flew all through the skies in, what they called and describes as the flying boats and have brought wisdom and laws to man all through a royal bloodline of pharaohs.

Great Pyramid of Egypt is the one and only survivor among the 7 ancient wonders. This great pyramid is believed to have been built and constructed over a time span of twenty years. Each stone actually ranges from one to twenty tons and the pyramid has more than 100,000 stones. The Egyptians did not have any engines, machinery, or even construction devices. So the question arises like how did the Egyptians life such heavy stones without using any equipment?

Ancient Egyptians usually spoke of beings from above the sky, the sky opens and then bright lights come down in order to teach them about technology as well as to show them wisdom. Many pictures and symbols like Egyptian hieroglyphics depict Extraterrestrial beings and UFOs. It is also possible that aliens are the ones who built the pyramid and the Egyptians have learned the techniques from the aliens. Whether this is true or not, it’s not hard to believe. There really is some link between Egyptian hieroglyphics and aliens.


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