Link Between Pyramids of Giza and Aliens


Aliens or maybe the ancient gods of Egypt might have assisted inspire the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. However, it was your human sweat, tears and blood, which did the development in spite of the difficulties.

Archaeological digs in sight if the pyramids have uncovered cemeteries and town where the people labor force which intended and developed the pyramid, and given the needed infrastructure such as food lived, died and buried which include the bone remains of the workers.

Thorough medical examination of the bones shows that sets of anatomical states and accidental damages which will be usually related to, which result from breaking sort of ob related with the stonework, positioning and moving huge stone blocks.

Reliefs or images in different temples, tombs as well as other building structures depict spots of a large number of men hauling big stone and doing the many things which stone masons do.

Graffiti has uncovered inside many pyramid places left behind in the work gangs who did the yards. Pyramid of Egypt reveal a natural evolution in designing from the meek mastaba to the complex piled on top of the other, finally to the real shape of pyramid now very familiar to many people in their structure and design beginning with dashur and red pyramid. The shape of the pyramid is hardly something unique and out of this world, this is the reason this is associated to alien or masterpiece of an alien.

Modern studies have reveal plausible means ancient Egyptians could have utilized primitive strategies which oriented that Egypt pyramids and leveled them with trust and respect to the floor and made them to high degrees of precisions of slope and length. No high technology is needed.

What likely motive can alien have had to make such things in all events? They were not tombs for aliens. Certainly they were not apartment and office blocks for aliens.

On the other hand there are many unsolvable issues or unexpected things related with this pyramid such as the lighting which will keep archaeologists as well as historians busy for the next generation yet, on the other hand invoking aliens doesn’t seem to be helpful in pushing such solutions which study will sooner or later solve and pin the effort where it belongs. Being said, aliens might be related with one reason for humans developing the pyramids on the other hand that is far from the truth that aliens built the pyramid in Egypt or gave human beings the modern technology to finish the construction.

He more mysterious and obvious feature of the pyramid of Egypt is the reason that every stone weigh about two to three tons, therefore how an average human is capable to carry this or develop the pyramids. Wheel on that time is not yet invented. Come to think of it.

It is very important to always remember that Egyptians had no skill of geometry and mathematics, both of that will be strong and firm explanations for how this pyramids are built perfectly.


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