Link Between Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abduction


A lot of people believe that there is a link between sleep paralysis and alien abduction. Well. Many professional scientific and medical sources contribute sleep paralysis to nocturnal hallucinations, night terrors, and alien abductions. It has been happening for decades and centuries, and in the ancient time the demons were being blamed.

Explanation of Sleep Paralysis

There are lots of abductees that claim being abducted while at their sleep. And this only suggests that that may be suffering from a disorder called sleep paralysis. Once a person is fully awake, memories can become vague as well as descriptive stories about alien probes can actually emerge while on hypnosis. In terms of comparing sleep paralysis and alien abduction, different theories can be heard. The common symptom of the disorder sleep paralysis is an inability to move your body physically and usually hallucinations accompany such inability to move.

Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis

Buzzing and humming noises and bright lights that appear inside the room is quite common. You may feel that you are being kidnapped by very strange beings or you’re being held or pushed down against your will as your mind attempts making sense of this attack. The will to escape can take over while your body’s ill equipped enabling it to make a rescues. You call out from some help or try to stand up, and having the inability to move your body are the most common symptoms one can experience from sleep paralysis.

In taking a closer view at the common reported alien encounter, people claim feeling paralyzed while at their bed sleeping. Sometimes, they also hear a buzzing or humming as well as strange light appearing in their room. The sleeping people are visited by strange beings who seem to examine the for medical research purposes. There are times in which dreams are more obscure. The person feels something strange and unseen at night hovering over him holding pillow over his head or if not, holding him down.

A Comparison

With the different reports and claims from people, comparison between sleep paralysis and alien abduction is quite clear. However, all claims and reports are hard to define up until now. Just remember that if aliens do abduct you from the room or visit you while you are asleep, sleep paralysis cannot be easily ruled out.

If you research ‘cannot move while sleeping’, the internet will suggest sleep paralysis as the explanation. But in the case of alien abduction, one explanation is not going to clear or explain all reports and claims. There are cases that claim people being abducted by unknown while walking or driving home, though such accounts can be contributed or associated to narcolepsy, which is quite related to the disorder sleep paralysis. The concept of this article boils down into taking enough time and effort to research human experiences. Usually, science tells you lots about incidents that are being labeled as alien or paranormal if you are willing to see beyond the closed or open minds.

There is no evidence that sleep paralysis and alien abduction is connected, however the link between this two different things are quite clear.


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