Most Convincing UFO Evidence


When it comes to UFO sightings, there are many who blindly believe in any and every report. But there are many who don’t seem to buy all claims. There are many people who don’t believe in any report of UFO sightings. Well, there have been hoaxes, false claims and outright bizarre reports by people from across the world. The governments remain hush-hush and rather evasive about UFOs.

There are many credible UFO case files but many of such files lack compelling evidence. That is one reason why they remain credible but not proven. Such incidents include the 1997 Phoenix and Las Vegas sightings which even the then Governor of Arizona admitted to having seen the alien crafts, there was an incident in Gosford, Australia, where eyewitness accounts of the UFO sighting strangely matched with the police reports to an extent, the UFO sighting in Papua New Guinea reported by Father William Gill and 37 other people is also quite compelling and then there is the Loch Raven Dam sighting, Milton Torres UFO Case and the Roswell incident.

Considering the fact that people believe in real images and not morphed pictures and real videos not cleverly edited ones, finding the most convincing UFO evidence is quite a challenge. Here are some recent most convincing UFO evidence that very few will be able to deny or debunk.

Popular Sightings

1. On 11th February, 2011, a large metal object was spotted floating atop Sao Paulo. It had bright lights and locals reported that the earth was shaking at the time when the object hovered atop the city.

2. There was some strange reflecting light spotted at Haarlem in Netherlands on 18th January, 2011. There were three vivid reflections or they were possibly the source of the lights captured by a hotel cam.

2. The aircraft lights spotted in Clark County, Nevada, in 2007 and the green lights spotted in Norfolk, England, in 2011 are two separate but freaky events. There is no explanation yet that can clarify what those lights were or how they got there.

4. Some other incidents that find a mention in our most convincing UFO evidence are the mysterious silver object spotted over Manhattan in 2010 which compelled the Federal Aviation Administration to act, the flying metal ball spotted in Egypt in 2009, the black disk spotted in Louisiana in 2010 and the strange could formation in Texas in 2011.


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