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List of the Nearest Stars to Earth and Its Stellar Types

When talking about stars, people would always ask about the nearest and the farthest stars from the planet. Scientists have found out the 53 stars that are within the 16.20 light years distance range. Including in the list are the stellar types of these stars, which makes it easy for people to identify the type of the star and how far it is from Earth.

Alpha Centauri

The nearest stars to Earth topping the list is Alpha Centauri, which has the stellar types of M, G and K and has a distance that ranges from 4.24 to 4.37 light years. Next in line is Barnard’s Star, a dwarf star having a stellar type of M and distance of 5.96 light years from Earth. 3rd in the list if another dwarf named Wolf 359, which has a distance of 7.78 light years and has a stellar type of M, as well. The 4th in the list of the nearest stars is another dwarf and M as its stellar type named Lalande 21185 with a distance of 8.29 light years. Having 8.58 light years come Sirius in the 5th place, this has a stellar type of A and D.


Included in the top 10 stars among the 53 nearest stars to earth is Luyten 726-B in the 6th place. It has a M and M as its stellar type and a total distance of 8.73 light years. On the 7th place comes Ross 154 with a distance of 9.68 light years and a stellar type of M, while Ross 248 in the 8th place has the same stellar type and 10.32 light years as its distance. For the 9th place, Epsilon Eridani has its total distance of 10.52 light years with a stellar type of K. On the 10th place, the list includes Lacaille 9352 of the stellar type M and a distance of 10.74.

The Furthest Stars Away

The stars mentioned above belong to the top 10 places near the Earth. To know the farthest in the 53 stars listed, here are the 5 stars listed in the bottom list which are still in the 16.20 light years range from Earth. For the farthest star to the Earth, the 53rd place was given to DEN 0255-4700 with L as its stellar type and is 16.20 light years away from the planet.

52nd place goes to an M stellar type star named LP 944-020 as it has a distance of 16.19 light years. Gliese 832 has a stellar type of M and distance of 16.08 light years is at the 51st position in the list while DENIS J081730.0-615520 is at the 50th spot as it has 16.07 light years distance from the Earth with T as its stellar type. For the 49th place, having a distance of 15.94 light years and M as the stellar type, AD Leonis got the spot.

These are just some of the stars that are included in the list of the nearest stars to earth and are the ones that you should familiarize.

Nearest Stars to Earth


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