New Details on the Stephenville TX UFO Incident


On January 8, 2008 at Stephenville, Texas, more or less 200 people have seen an unidentified flying object flying (UFO) at a fast speed with lights of different colors. The unknown aircraft was chased by the army jets, which were also seen by all the witnesses that time. Witness included the jet pilot stated that the unidentified flying object was glowing red lights and was not classified as one of the known jets in the world.

The definition of the unidentified flying object as a large silent aircraft with bright different coloured lights flying at a low altitude that was moving at a fast speed incomparable to any jets known to man worldwide. That occurrence had a video coverage that was unclear. With this many people that day are puzzled on what they have seen and experience.

The first media intelligence happened on January 14, 2008. As with numerous of these UFO happenings, it takes a small number of days to get the discussion out. Once a national opening picks up on the story, and there is few happening that week, it suddenly intensify and became a big alluring story. Once the broadcast about a UFO event hit the broadcasting frequencies, things immensely change and took off. It rapidly became a media all-star sensation with all of the radio broadcasting frequencies and cable networks conversing about the event alluring UFO occurrences. All of the eyewitnesses, small town writers, and big names UFO investigators became popular like celebrities. The advertising of the UFO occurrence then prompted even more intelligence of UFOs, as people looked up towards the sky and saw anything from sun to stars.

New details on the Stephenville TX UFO incident were presented. Roomers also arise and steered up the society. When MUFON appeared for their town gathering and meeting about the strange occurrences, they were seemingly bombarded with issues from various different places and dates that also experience unnatural occurrences. Requests of information as well as data were made from the military, if government specifically the army had an explanation about the unclear sightings that happened in Stephenville TX.

The people in USAF, which gave up the preliminary investigating of UFO reports made by all respondent civilians back in the late 1960’s, advocated that it could have been anything. Further confusing the topic was the public affairs officer affirming there were no military jets scrambled or designated in the area that specific night. The army first stated that there was no jest scrambled at Stephenville Texas on January 8 2008. Then they stated on the next interview that they were having a miscommunication error which had even fueled a lot of unanswered question.

The occurrence on January 8, 2008 at Stephenville, Texas had come up with different issues that clouded people’s curiosity and knowledge. Many said that the military had created a high tech jet that was able fly at a fast speed than any existing jet today worldwide. Some said that specific technology that military have come from an alien technology makes it ten times more capable that the existing jet in the world today. Due to the interference of the government especially the army had covered up the truth which people remained uninformed and puzzled.


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