New Information On The Jim Sullivan UFO Incident


Whether the public dub him as UFO abductee or some sort of a sinister, the public is still looking for an answer to the Jim Sullivan UFO incident. The mysterious case of the singer has suddenly increased the number of people claiming to see flying debris and announce it to the public as UFO. Enough information still has not been gathered to warrant a resolution to the disappearance of Jim Sullivan.

Common Misconceptions Among UFO Sightings

1. The top secret planes of countries may look like an unidentified flying object in space. During the Cold war, rumors about the sight of UFO have revealed the Blackbird (Lockhead SR-71).there was also a case of a reported UFO when the stealth-fighter has appeared in the recent years. Since they fly too high, the human can hardly see the features of the object.

2. Meteor fireball is also mistaken for a UFO. These are yellowish balls that seem to come from nowhere. They move fast across the sky which usually leaves a glowing tail behind it. Before vanishing, the meteor fireballs break into pieces. The sight of these fireballs may cause the observer to announce the media that he had witness a UFO.

3. Lens fare looks like a UFO in the sky. If you are a keen observer, you will realize that the light that is produced in your camera bounces off which often causes lens fare. These flare can assemble solid objects and if they are situated in the right place enough for observers to call it a UFO, it will be mistaken for an unnamed spacecraft.

4. The international space station surpasses the size of the Wembley’s football pitch and it is definitely brighter than other objects in the sky. It has a fast movement that can trace two horizons in just a couple of is also silent thus it confuses observers and mistaken it for a UFO.

5. There are planets that are visible especially before sunrise or sunset. The Venus is usually mistaken by onlookers as an unidentified flying object. Since it is immobile, it gives the public the notion of hovering. Jupiter is also mistaken for a landing aircraft.

6. Due to the popularity of paper lanterns, the Chinese come up with the flying lanterns. These lanterns are capable of floating very high. Aside from they move silently and they can fly in miles, they also produce orange glows that create mystery to the observer.


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