Paul Hellyer UFO Disclosure


Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister, had first aired his views and opinions about aliens in 2005. He had claimed back then that aliens have not only visited our planet but they also live among us. That is, aliens live right here on earth and they are right here right now. In January 2014, Paul Hellyer gave an interview to Russian TV and he made certain disclosures which could be outlandish or very real. Paul Hellyer served as a defense minister in Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson’s government from 1963 to 1967.

90 year old Hellyer claimed that there are many species of aliens and that some of those species have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. Some of these aliens are from other galaxies and star systems but a few of those species do live in Venus, Mars and on the moons of Saturn. Hellyer states, that most of these alien species are not a threat to humans. To the contrary, most alien species are benevolent and intend to help mankind. However, the species have decided not to intervene in our ways of living or to assist us in any way unless we desire so and ask for their help and collaboration. Some species, Hellyer says, are however a threat and may have ulterior motives. The entire interview had made some noise in the press and media. The transcripts have been published by many news organizations and the episode has been dubbed as Paul Hellyer UFO Disclosure.

All of Paul’s claims cannot be rejected outright since there is always a possibility that some alien species may look like us and might be living with us on our planet, undetected for many years. It is entirely plausible that we ourselves did not originate on this planet which doesn’t rule out the theory of multiple species being of similar nature and also appearance, as well as biological composition.

However, what makes Paul Hellyer’s claims outlandish or even bizarre is the list of reasons that he provided for which aliens are not communicating with us. He goes on to say that aliens are miffed or disappointed with us because we don’t have the best ways of living. We don’t feed the poor, make atomic bombs and keep fighting with one another, we destroy forests and don’t evolve and use our planet as we should. All these reasons, although meaningful, appear to be of an environmentalist and a concerned citizen of the planet than that of an alien expert.


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