Peru UFO Sightings


There are hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings across the world, some of which are located in Peru. Some events may have been captured through media sources such as cameras or cell phones, whereas others may be older and told through stories. Below are some interesting accounts of UFO sightings in Peru.

The Lima Sighting

There was a recent video released to the public of a UFO that showed up at a construction site in the Miraflores district in Lima. According to witness testimonies and the videos themselves, the UFO appeared to be taking a look at the construction site itself and monitor the movements of the workers. The event took place at 10:30 in the morning on February 10th, 2015 and there were dozens of witnesses that saw the moving object in the sky.

Flying Humanoid

There was an incident in Puerto Maldonado in southern Peru where witnesses saw an object, shaped much like a human, drift off into the sky without the assistance of any electronic devices. Since the unidentified flying object resembled a human, it led UFO enthusiasts to believe that it was in fact a humanoid. The object was seen on March 6th, 2015 at approximately 6:15 PM. Cesar Rodriguez, a radio producer, noticed the object in the sky. The sighting was approximately 5 minutes in length as it flew over the city and then disappeared into the clouds. It had a head, trunk, arms, and legs as the most notable features.

UFO Above the Inca Ruins

In 1999 a Peruvian journalist named Adriano Forgione received a photograph from one of their correspondents in Udine. There was a gold object hovering above the ruins found in Pisaq Peru. At first they thought that it was an issue with the film but once they inspected the negatives, the image was still noticeable. They sent the photograph into a laboratory to have it analyzed and all faults in the film were excluded. To this day, there hasn’t been an explanation as to where the object came from.

Many locals that have heard of the story also believe that it’s a spirit from one of the Incan ruins. They refer to these spirits as Apu, and since there isn’t any other obvious reason as to where the gold disc shaped object came from, it has caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts around Peru and the world.


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