The Alien Parasite Hypothesis


The tenth installment of the 4th series of the most renowned American TV shows the “The Big Bang Theory” is entitled The Alien Parasite Hypothesis. This was first aired on the 9th of December year 2010.

The Synopsis

Amy is provoked by Penny’s former boyfriend name Zack Johnson, who is not familiar with his feeling. Sheldon believes that she has constricted a UFO parasite. For the meantime, Taj and Howard fight to find out who the sidekick is and who the superhero in the relationship is.

Amy starts to fall to Zack Johnson; she meets Zack in a bar while partying with Bernadette and Penny. At her laboratory, Sheldon and Amy later talk about her signs, dry mouth and clammy palms. Amy is firm that she’s not going into menopause. Amy’s friend Sheldon prefers the odds which Amy has been contaminated by a UFO parasite. The final loath ending is which Amy is so horny. Penny has volunteered that she has ways on how to address this concern; this is to please her cravings for sex. He totally misses her idea and attempts to set up Amy a blind date with his ex. These prove ineffective because Amy discover how dumb Penny and Zack are. Amy chooses to utilize the Vulcan method of kolinar in order to restrain or suppress his feeling even if she thinks about that nonsense science fiction. Still, Amy takes a grasp prior to leaving Zack. The Sheldon and Amy walk down the road, she grabs his hand. Amy asks by Sheldon why she doing this, however Amy refuses to reply. After a very short moment, Amy releases his hands and say never mind.

For the meantime Raj and Howard fight over to know who is the best sidekick and a superhero. First test they do is to determine the braver one by means of sticking their hand in a container which has tarantula. Raj does not flinch as the tarantula was heaving up on Howards arm. Leonard serves as the referee on the second test which is a wrestling match, however this fight result to just posing and dancing in circles.


Writers go on to utilize Amy in order to deal with plots of Sheldon that they understand too precious to utilize until now. Therefore, rather than Sheldon feels the initial stirring of sex they choose Amy. It is a good idea the fact this sitcom is going to show for the unexpected future, therefore why blows in stories with Sheldon when they can dispute them on substitute Sheldon first.

The spider scene is truly a funny idea and when that scene had included a sequence of rising silliness as Raj and Howard tried to show who was stronger it can be a remarkable story. Rather than opting for prolonged demonstration of the cowardice on the wrestling circle or mat. This plot leads to dull scene which is really pointless and not well constructed.

The Alien Parasite Hypothesis is really a good show that talks about alien abductions. Who knows this might happen in real life.


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