UFO Abduction Cases


UFO abduction cases are one of the most glamorized tales throughout the world as there are millions of men and women who have claimed to be visited or experienced a situation pertaining to extraterrestrials. With that being said, there are also millions of different stories that could explain whether there is really life beyond our planet. Below are some of the creepiest and strangest UFO abduction cases.

1. The Allagash Abductions

In 1976, camping was all-the-rage and a group of friends in their early 20’s were in the forest in rural Maine. They noticed an incredibly bright night on their second night in the woods but didn’t think anything of it. On their third night while they were fishing, they noticed that the bright light had returned. After flashing the SOS sign using a flashlight, the light expanded and covered all of the friends.

After that had occurred, they awoke at their campsite without any recollection of how they got there from the water and although they had just left their site moments before, the fire had burned all the way to the embers.

2. The Pascagoula Abduction

While fishing off of the Pascagoula River in 1973, a pair of coworkers began to see flashing blue lights and a buzzing sound that was reminiscent of a saw. They then saw humanoid creatures that dragged them onto a UFO that appeared. Once inside, they said that they were inspected and examined approximately 20 minutes before they were brought back to the pier.

3. Barney Hill and Betty Hill

A couple that was deemed as “normal” by their community, drove home from their Niagara Falls vacation in 1961. They noticed something in the sky that they claimed to be a shooting star but as it began to move, it began to get larger and larger. They decided to follow the light and it eventually stopped right in front of them, hovering approximately 80 feet from their car.

Barney Hill stepped out of the car and noticed that there were about 8-11 humanoid creatures dressed in black and immediately returned to his car and drove home.

Although the trip should have taken them 3 hours, it instead took them 7 hours and no one could account the 4 hours of time that they had lost. Also, there were an array of other strange occurrences that happened after that night such as their watches wouldn’t work and their impulse control was significantly impaired.


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