UFO Hot Spots


There have been regular reports of UFOs from residents of different countries around the globe. In some cases there are multiple reports over a long period of time from one particular location and these are then referred to as “UFO Hot Spots”. Although there are some obvious places such as Nevada, there are some interesting (and relatively underground) UFO hot spots in the world.

1. The Welsh Triangle – UK

There have been numerous sightings of UFOs around the Welsh Triangle in the UK and the locals talk about them all of the time. There were a numerous amount of sightings in 1977 that many locals noticed, including children. The children that spotted the UFO were asked to draw what they had seen and each child drew images that were incredibly similar. Since then, people have even described 7-ft tall aliens in silver spacesuits that appear at night, cattle has been teleported from one location to another, and many other activities that are blamed on extra-terrestrials.

2. Mexico

There have been numerous UFO sightings in Mexico over the years, specifically in 1991. During a solar eclipse many people said that they saw a weird aircraft in the sky. There has also been documented evidence of a horse-shaped UFO hovering above Colima volcano while it erupted. It is said that the object suddenly appeared and then disappeared without a moment’s notice.

3. Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Not only is this location a hot spot for UFOs but it is also a hot spot for people on vacation. There have been many people who have claimed to see space ships, including a report in 2011 from a local business owner. He stated that he began to see small orbs in the sky and the National UFO Reporting Center also said that there were 2 different accounts of the same sighting in Myrtle Beach. The objects were said to be moving incredibly slow and they were red in color.

4. Bonnybridge – Scotland

This particular location is actually known as one of the most popular hot spots in the world. Found within the Falkirk Triangle, an area that stretches from Edinburgh to Stirling, there have been numerous reports of unidentified flying objects in the region. The first sighting was said to have happened in 1992 when a businessman saw lights in the sky. At first he thought they were stars but he realized that they were triangular in shape and moved around in the sky. There are over 300 different UFO sightings that are reported in Bonnybridge annually.


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