UFO Sightings in Alaska


Although there has been a lot of publicity into alien sightings in Alaska, it is not known as one of the most popular places in the United States for UFOs to be seen. There are many interesting sightings that have been documented over the years, one of the most publicized being the abduction of Alaskan residents in Nome. This is because of the famed movie, “The Fourth Kind.”

The Nome Alaska Abductions – Nome, AK

There are 24 people that have disappeared from Nome Alaska between 1960 and 2004, causing the locals to bring in the FBI due to the fact that they believed in the presence of a serial killer. According to The Fourth Kind these 24 individuals were in fact abducted and experimented on by aliens that were interested in the human species. With hypnotherapy sessions from the local psychologist, they found out that many residents had been visited by these strange beings before they disappeared entirely. Some believe that the movie is all truth whereas others believe that it is mostly fiction.

Japan Airlines Flight 1628

There was supposedly a UFO three times larger than an aircraft carrier that flew beside Japan Airlines Flight 1628 on November 16th, 1986. The objects were picked up by both civilian and military radar and all of the passengers and crew were able to witness it. In fact, this is what makes it one of the most impressive sightings as it lasted over 50 minutes while the flight was flying over Northeastern Alaska.

Another thing that made the sighting quite impressive was the fact that the airline was willing to speak to the public about the incident. In fact, it was the first time that an airline was willing to discuss the incident in a public setting so it could be shared around the world.

UFO Sighting in Broad Daylight – Kenai, AK

An anonymous person was driving to work one morning when he began to notice a strange object near the gas station that he frequents regularly. The main aspect of the event that makes it so interesting is the fact that the sighting happened around 5:45 PM. When he pulled into the gas station he noticed the object and immediately began to follow it. The closer he came to the UFO, the further it was until it disappeared entirely. He then drove to the last known location of the object and there was no evidence to be found.


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