UFO Sightings in Georgia


For many, UFO sightings are a very real thing. Many have experienced some form of the phenomena, whether it be a sighting of the spacecraft, or in the most severe cases, an actual abduction from aliens. While the credibility of UFOs continues to be debated, many have pledged that they have experienced some form of paranormal event that is linked to UFOs.

A frequent hotspot of UFO activity is Georgia, though many do not believe that this state also has its share of reports, as Georgia is not always listed as a “active” state for UFO activity. In order to get a jist of these experiences, here are three of the most detailed, as well as cohesive, reports that have come out of the state of Georgia.

Athens Clarke

According to Onlineathens.com, Athens Clarke, Georgia, has had its share of UFO sightings. One report, dated April 21, 2009, details an encounter in which a person spotted a low flying plane that sounded way more louder than a regular airplane. Once they caught a glimpse of the craft in motion, they noticed that a red orb was some distance away from the plane. Once they focused on the red light, it disappeared, and the plane disappeared over the near treeline.


Barrow, Georgia also shares some UFO experiences, with many reporters being alike in their descriptions. A frequent report, dating on May 5, 2012, reports suspicious activity during a firework showing. Many reported that they saw red lights zip past and forth, at speeds that were almost impossible. While some speculated a drone, others speculated something else…


Jackson, Georgia makes its way to the bottom of the list, but the experiences detailed in this city may be the most strange. A person reported that during their travel home on January 21, 2015, they noticed that six separate spacecrafts were flying in a V formation. While this is common among birds, the crafts were definitely air vehicles, and they appeared solid orange in color, with a football size shape. The reporter said that after they witnessed the objects pass, a seventh object made a volley, and then in a moments glance, they were all gone. What made this even more strange is the objects flew about a quarter mile, with the eyewitness stating “it looked like they were following me…”


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