UFO Sightings in Houston


Texas is known for many things. From the cowboy memorabilia, to the fiery foods, Texas is a southern’s state, and a perfect place for rebels. Texas is a home to many, with many being drawn to the closeness of the desert and the hot, dry temperatures that grip Texas for much of the year. What many do not realize, however, is that Texas is also a supreme hotspot for UFO activity, with many reports detailing very strange encounters with aliens. While these experiences may not all be true, in fact they could all be fake, many still wonder how many of them are actually correct.

March 6, 2015

The most recent UFO encounter was about 21 days ago. In this encounter, a person details their experience with not one UFO, but two. The story starts out with the person describing their spotting of an UFO with both the female and her son. She describes “we spotted the UFO on I 10 at about 830, in which the object was stationary and moving low parallel to the ground”. This sighting continued for about an hour, only ending when the “UFO” disappeared behind the tree. What makes this story even stranger is that she was able to snap a photo, and the photo makes for a very weird looking aircraft.

August 11, 2014

During the month of August, many reports came out of Houston that described potential UFO encounters. A popular report, in which it was shared with many Houston residents, is that a sighting occurred that dealt with flying objects being above Houston during a rainstorm. What made this objects so odd is that were circular in shape, and they kept having a pulsating color. When the Vice President of Astronomy was asked about it, he was not able to come up with an identification of the object.

January 17, 2015

During the first weeks of January, many residents pointed out a strange occurrence. During night, and only at night, reporters stated that they saw sparkling lights in the top of the dark sky. While one may think that these lights may just be stars, the stars were not white or blue in color, in fact, they were blood red. This means that these stars were not ordinary stars, or that they weren’t even stars at all…


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