UFO Sightings in Michigan


One of the most pressing questions that we are faced with is whether humans are alone in the universe. The sheer amount of planets outside of our own solar system proves that we must not be the only intelligent life out there. There are millions of people around the world who have either claimed to see a UFO or know someone who has seen one before. Michigan is one of the states with the largest amount of UFO sightings in the entire United States.

Scorpion Aircraft UFO Sighting – 1953

The most well-known documented sighting happed in 1953 when Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr. and 2nd Lieutenant R. Wilson lost their lives. A radar controller from Air Defense Command Ground Intercept began to pick up a target that was unknown on the night of November 23rd. The Scorpion Jet was then sent to follow the UFO at 500 mph and as they got closer, the UFO quickly changed its course.

According to the radar, they were so close to the UFO that the two blips actually became one and as soon as that happened, there was no radar blips at all. Emergency calls when unanswered and they sent the Search and Rescue team to look for them at their last known position. There was no aircraft recovered and both pilots were never seen again.

Vicksburg UFO Landing – 1966

Jeno Udvardy was driving home from work on March 31st 1966 and he saw a group of lights on the road ahead of him. At first he thought that they were emergency vehicles and as he slowed down, he realized that the lights came from an object shaped like a disc and it was hovering above the road. As he got closer he began to feel his car move and he thought that it could’ve been another UFO behind him but the object was now behind his vehicle. When he tried to escape his car wouldn’t start and after the event, he reported it to the police.

Giant Wave – 1966

As per a formal statement from Washtenaw County deputies, “This is the strangest thing that [we]have ever witnessed. We would have not believed this story if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes. These objects could move at fantastic speeds, and make very sharp turns, dive and climb, and hover with great maneuverability.”

Between 3:50 AM and 5:00 AM several sheriff’s departments called in to say that they saw mysterious lights in the sky and they had each sent cars to go check it out. The only concern was that the UFO’s were all scattered through different counties in Michigan. Every car reported that they saw objects hovering low to the ground emitting lights that were unlike anything that they had seen before.


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