UFO Sightings Indiana


Aliens are one of the most popular things discussed throughout today’s society, especially in terms of whether they are real or not. With that being said, thousands of residents of the state of Indiana have claimed to see UFOs or objects relating to UFOs at one point in their lifetime. Below are the 5 strangest UFO sightings to ever have occurred in Indiana.

1. Airship Sightings – Vincennes 1897

In 1897, various residents throughout Indiana (and California) claimed to see an array of large unidentifiable “airships” in the sky and this was far before airplanes had even been invented. The Vincennes Morning Commercial printed a variety of stories about residents who had claimed to see spheres of gold lights.

2. Metal Object – Terre Haute 1951

Approximately 4 years after the supposed alien ship crash in Roswell, New Mexico, residents of Terre Haute began reporting seeing a large metal object in the sky. The chief aircraft communicator at the USAF Intelligence Base in Terre Haute saw the metal object at first, describing it was a “huge metallic object speeding across the field.”

3. UFO Invasion – Delaware County 1973

Over 700 calls were made in east-central Indiana on the night of October 9th as people began reporting UFO sightings. There were dozens of police officers who spent hours tracking the object, and it was described as “blinking a red, white, blue revolving light and often hovering near the ground.” Although many assumed that they were simply seeing the lights of their squad cars, a radar operator at a Fort Wayne airfield noticed that there was an unexplained blip on their screen.

4. Copley Woods Visitations – Indianapolis 1983

According to Debbie Jordan-Kauble, she was abducted by aliens while in her parents’ home. The beings not only experimented on her, but they repeatedly visited her residents. It is said that the area where the visitations occurred has stayed a bare spot where zero vegetation is able to grow. This story was later turned into a novel known as Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods.

5. Mongo Photo – Mongo 1994

Near the border of Michigan, 6 men were around a campfire on the night of August 31st, 1994, and they began seeing something that was glowing throughout the trees. According to the witnesses, the light “moved right out from behind the trees and into an open area near a road and hovered toward us. And it was clear as can be. It was a flying saucer, just that vivid.”


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