UFO Sightings Las Vegas


UFO sightings have been reported from across the world since time immemorial. There are ancient texts and scriptures that report UFO sightings in Rome, Jerusalem and Phrygia among others. But for more than fifteen hundred years till circa 16th century, there aren’t many reports of UFO sightings. The sightings reportedly increased in the nineteenth century, subsequently peaking in the twentieth century. There are many theories and there are skeptics who rule out most of the reported UFO sightings as just hoax. Indeed, there is more fiction than fact but some incidents are noteworthy.

Nevada may be home to Area 51 but the state has not been the most oft visited part of the world by apparent extraterrestrials. Although there are places such as Lander County that report one of the most frequent sightings per person living in the area, Nevada and Las Vegas have had very few incidents till date. Here are some UFO sightings in Las Vegas.


On 24th July 1952, two pilots reported seeing as many as three aircrafts flying in a typical V formation. These UFO sightings were reported near Carson Sink. The unidentified flying objects seemed like Delta wing aircrafts according to the first hand report.


One otherwise bizarre claim was made by a certain Charles Hall who was working at Nellis Air Force Base in the mid 1960s. He claimed that he had come in contact with some white aliens, taller than average humans, who would frequent the casinos in Las Vegas. To claim that such aliens were accompanied by CIA agents to have some fun and entertainment in the casinos may seem outlandish but there are people who buy these claims. This may not be one of the UFO sightings in Las Vegas, not technically, but the claim surely deserves a mention, especially considering the reported UFO crash in Las Vegas earlier in 1962.


The 1962 UFO sightings in Las Vegas are a little unusual. It is believed that while government and military agencies were looking for UFOs and related incidents, one UFO came crashing down at Nellis Air Force Base, which is just outside Las Vegas. There are several eyewitnesses who have testified to that effect. While Roswell got far too much attention, the incident at Nellis received very little traction.


In 1997, many people in Phoenix, Arizona, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, reported seeing giant V-shaped objects in the sky. The area from where people reported these UGO sightings in Las Vegas and Phoenix spans more than 300 miles.


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