UFOs Seen by Astronauts


UFO accounts have become a part of American culture. While the sightings have never resulted in any hard lined evidence, as the pictures are either too blurry, or the Air Force have shot down such rumors, many areas of the country have been exploited because of their numerous UFO sightings. Places like Roswell, New Mexico, and Stephenville, Texas, have had their fair share of UFO activity. What’s so common about these sightings, however, is that they have all been witnessed mostly by civilians and grounded people. What makes it truly bizarre about UFO sightings is when they are witnessed by astronauts.

Major Gordon Cooper

A firm believer in UFOs for most of his life, Cooper broke his secrets about UFO encounters during an interview. Cooper said that the US radar instruments would consistently pick up “unidentified or undefined flying objects”, usually on an everyday basis. Cooper not only witnessed these sights around space, but he also witnessed a strange crash upon earth, in which the craft left four odd indentation marks, and a fire that was almost impossible to contain.

Donald Slayton

Slayton also has had experience with the paranormal side of UFOs, as he detailed an experience one sunny day in Minneapolis. During a flight about 10,000 feet above Minneapolis, Slayton recalled in 1951 an experience in which he witnessed a weird shape in the sky. At first, believing it was a kite, Slayton got nearer to the object. Once he realized that a kite couldn’t possibly be that high above ground, Slayton he realized it looked more like a saucer. With a dedicated glance, Slayton noticed a 30 degree turn by the shape, and it took off for “about 300 mph, and then it just disappeared”.

Robert White

Robert White also has had an UFO experience, though his is much shorter and straight to the point. During a regular flight during work, White noticed a saucer shaped figure that was greyish with a black tint. He said as he got closer to the shape, he noticed that it had a “slippery and wet look to it”. During a radio interview with White, he also stated that “there are things that are out there, including things that we know nothing about”. White is just one of several astronauts that have witnessed UFOs in their properties.


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