Undeniable Proof that Aliens Exist


The truth is undeniably, absolutely out there, making people believe that aliens have been here on Earth. This has long been a field that many professionals and experts have taken great, intrinsic interests in and it’s essential that people believe that aliens do exist and that they actually have visited this planet not only once, but many times.

Though some may say that aliens have visited the Earth all throughout history, however, such claims are quite difficult to prove for some. Most UFO abductions and sightings are easily dismisses as simple misunderstandings or hoaxes. What about the things that these aliens leave behind? Aren’t they a proof that aliens do exist?

There is a lot of undeniable proof that aliens exist. There are also some mysterious artifacts that are allegedly alien. Here are some of them.

The Russian UFO Tooth Wheel – Russian man discovered a very strange machinery piece from Vladivostok. This is said to be ‘300 million years old’. Thus, this actually raised interesting questions because aluminum of such shape and purity cannot form naturally, even humans did not know how to create it not until 1825.

The Stone Head In Guatemala – In 1930’s, some explorers have discovered a very huge, eloquently constructed sandstone statue at the center of Guatemala jungle. The face that was carved on the stone did not resemble facial features of Maya or other people who have populated these lands. Some people and professional believe that this is a proof that aliens really do exist. But this is yet to be proven.

Williams Enigmalith – This rock has become a very well know mystery for many UFO enthusiasts. It has been featured in popular UFO magazine. According to Williams, electrical engineer, the embedded electronic component in this stone hasn’t been welded or glued onto the granite. Though some say that this is a hoax, still the geological analysis apparently determined this stone has been around for 100,000 years. If this is true, there is no way humans have made it.

Ancient Aeroplanes – Pre Columbian people and incas left behind a very puzzling trinkets. And among the strangest is called the Ancient Aeroplanes, which are golden small figures that nearly resemble jet planes. These trinkets have features just like a fighter plane’s wings, landing gears, and even stabilizing tails. They’re aerodynamic enough, in fact astronaut believers made some model planes that have their proportions, they fitted such model planes with jet engines and propellers and these models flew perfectly.

These are just some of the many mysterious artifacts that are allegedly alien. There is actually more, but still alien existence is yet to be proven. However, many believe that these artifacts and proofs are enough evidence that aliens have been here on Earth. Up until now, there are many debates regarding this topic but it is all about believing. It’s not hard to believe that out there somewhere other beings are living. The galaxy and the entire space are so big that many life forms probably are present other than humans.


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