Who Are the Pleiadians Aliens


The Pleiadian Alien or also known as Nordic aliens resemble to human in various forms, however, this alien are highly progressed spiritual beings. Pleiadian alien is thought to live in various spaces, time dimensions as their capability to control the authority of the spiritual places. This alien comes from the planet Erra that orbits the Tayega star.

Even if this type of alien hold very identical physical features to human, still human are different as of the fact that people have an advanced mental evolution condition. On the other hand, Pleiadians alien is continuously looking for the progressive ways which are familiar to Arcturians and go on their way to the mental and spiritual plains of the advanced kingdoms or area.

As the Pleiadians alien inherent desire is to find the spiritual and mental powers in the world, they are closely associated to the world Lightworker. These are Pleiadians that set out to execute valuable deed, joy, light and love of the world and achieve ascension of character to enter the kingdom of the eternal. The facts that this kind of alien is capable to do such great progressions in both mental and spiritual awareness, people on green planet have felt deep relation to the action of this alien or light worker. Understanding that Pleiadians and Earthlings are the same in various means, it is a regular reminder that human as well, like this alien can do the higher degrees of ascension in order to enter the higher realms.

Pleiadians live and come from the star constellation also known as Pleiades. There are 7 stars in the Pleiades, and this alien resides from tayega. Out of 9 planets which orbit the star, just 4 are occupied with living things. Erra is very identical to earth. As a matter of fact, they share animal and plant life as on mother earth, and their time and days are just 6/10 of a second that less than on earth. Pleiadeans are million years older than earth. They are spiritually advanced compared to human. The normal lifespan of Pleiadian is seven hundred years or more than as just four hundred million beings live on this planet, compared to the very populated earth that is more than 6 billion. There’s no deceit on planet errs as their type of communication is by means of telepathy. The fundamental needs of life in the planet are provided freely because money is not needed, such as power and wealth. There is also a belief that this kind of alien is the one that carried dolphins on earth.

As a whole Pleiadians looks the same way as human beings, on the other hand that only distinction is the skin. Pleiadian’s skin is more lightly compared to human being. They are almost always white, red and blonde headed not vaguely or black. The GFL consists of lots of entities from this place, as the Galactic Federation of Light in the major ally in the struggle to save plant earth from particular destruction.


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