Who Are the Tau Ceti Aliens


Tau ceti aliens are referred to as human-like aliens inhabiting any planet that surrounds the closest star in earth and are somehow similar to the sun. These aliens are known to have a major convergence with exterran activity of humans and are also known to be the allies of Pleiadeans that are also known to be federal alliances of the Vegans and Ummites. The alliance was built to create a common defense against the Grey predators called reptilian nemesis. These alliances were built among other societies to increase the number of support and make it easy to build the defense against the predators.

Who Are the Tau Ceti Aliens?

It is said that the grey race where really interested in getting the genetics of the Tau Ceti aliens and to get the genes, they would kidnap children of the cetians race and kill the children to get hormones and cells. Before the grey race finished the race of the cetians, the cetian race was early to reposn in driving the greys from their world. Because of these there were many stories spreading that these cetians have found earth to be a safe place where some of them could stay to be protected from the greys.

Where The Tau Ceti Are From

For people who are saying that they have already encountered tau ceti, they say that these aliens stay in large colonies and are living in the star system called Epsilon Eradanus. It is also said that these aliens have dense bodies because of the type of atmosphere and the gravity that is present in their planet or home world as what others are calling it. There is also additional information about these aliens that these aliens may have about a height of 5 and half feet, and have slender and pointy faces. With this type of information, there are also other people who are attesting that they have already seen these aliens and agreed that they have these appearances.

It is believed that these tau ceti aliens can live around the star system of Epsilon Eradanus. Aside from the aliens there is also a star called tau ceti and has been found out to be orbited by five planets. This means that aside from the solar system, there is another star system where possible inhabitants or extra terrestrials may be living. These inhabitants are the ones that can be referred to as the tau ceti and not the usual extra-terrestrials called martians.

Aside from this information, there are also people who say that they have seen, talked and communicated with tau ceti aliens. Reports saying the existence of these aliens were featured especially when there are people who provide stories about their own experiences with these aliens. There are also some artifacts, like the ones discovered in Mexico. These artifacts are believed to be aliens since the size and appearance of the skulls were not really like those of humans. Archaeologists who have found these remains believe that it came from another planet and was not any remains that came from the same race of humans.


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