17 Cool Facts and Statistics About the Moon


The Moon: A Mother Nature’s Guide

Only a single side of the moon can be seen from Earth for the reason that this rotates around its own axis at same rate which Earth orbits the sun. The orbit speed is 2, 200 miles that is equivalent to 3,600 kilometers per hour and the surface temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit to -350 degrees or 100 degrees Celcius to -160 degrees Celcius. Based on scientific studies, the diameter of the moon equates the distance from California, San Francisco up to Cleveland and that is about 2, 150 miles or 3,460 kilometers wide.

The Distance of the Moon from the Earth

Putting into perspectives, if the moon’s size is that of a tennis ball and the Earth is that of basketball size, they will then be orbiting 24 feet far from each other. On the average, the Earth is 235,000 miles apart from the moon and that is about 380,000 kilometers.

The Moon’s Phases

The moon is known to have different phases wherein in every phase signifies dissimilar descriptions. These phases are as follows:

• New Moon
• Crescent
• First Quarter
• Gibbous
• Crescent
• Last Quarter
• Gibbous
• Full Moon


Many individuals are probably familiar with what Neil Armstrong said. “One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind’’. This was a very deep and meaningful message given by the very first person to step on the moon last July 21, 1969. On the surface of the moon, gravity is just 1/6th of the gravity on Earth.

Therefore, if you can leap five feet here on Earth, you can surprisingly make 30 feet on the surface of the moon. A person weighing 200 lbs on Earth would only weigh 33 lbs. due to weak gravitational pull.

The Moon as Perceived by Pop Culture

Historically, individuals have tried to understand this heavenly body through legends, myths and also by means of scientific observations. According to legends, full moon can change individuals to werewolves. The well-known nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle’ has a famous line about the cow jumping over the moon. Moonwalking has also been introduced to people. This is a particular dance move popularized by King of Pop Michael Jackson giving illusion to backward glides.

There was once a misconception that the moon is made up of cheese because due to the shadows and shapes on lunar surface. The classic book for children entitled “Goodnight Moon” is a story about a rabbit saying goodnight before bedtime. The moon has also become a music reference and there are several music that are inspired by the moon and one of this is “Dark Side of the Moon” an album made by Pink Floyd.

Individuals have been exposed to terminologies that got connection with the moon. These are lunar, month, lunatic which means a person who is mentally ill, unpredictable and foolish, moonlighting, honeymoon which means holiday or break taken by newly wedded couples, moonshine and more. There are more other interesting things about the moon that individuals should learn.

Guide to the Moon


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