The Moons Orbit and How it Affects the Earth


A Few Amazing Facts about the Moon

The earth only has one moon that is certainly complementary to the world. The following are 50 of the amazing facts you should know about the moon.

1. Separate from the earth, the moon also has its own orbit.
2. The length of one full day on the moon, from sunrise to sunrise is 708 hours.
3. The shape of the moon’s orbit is oval. The orbit has two sides namely Perigee and Apogee. 252,000 miles is the distance when the moon is farthest from the earth, while 225,700 miles when it is the nearest.
4. The orbit of the moon appears almost perfectly circular to the human eye.
5. The speed of the moon’s rotation is 10 MPH, while the earth rotates at 1,000 MPH.

6. 2,300 MPH is the speed of the moon for orbiting the earth.
7. The moon takes 27.3 days for it to revolve completely once. It is also the same time duration the moon takes to orbit earth once. That is why you only ever view the moon’s one side.
8. The moon is recognized as the 5th biggest natural satellite found in the solar system. Compared to its host planet, it is indeed the biggest moon.
9. The distance of the moon from earth is 280,000 miles. The moon is gradually moving away from the earth. Its distance was just 14,000 miles when it was formed.
10. When the moon is nearest to earth, it is 30% brighter and 14% bigger.

11. The moon causes two high tides and two low tides every day on earth.
12. There are 400 trees on earth that were grown from the seeds taken to the moon by Apollo 14 astronaut Roosa.
13. Every full moon has its name, namely Hunter’s Moon in October, Harvest Moon in September and Snow Moon in February.
14. Full moon often occurs every 29.5 days.
15. When it is closest to earth, it exerts more force around 42%. This is the time it is called the supermoon.

16. Several minimoons are actually orbiting around earth. Most of these minimoons orbit for about nine months, yet some orbit for several years.
17. Driving at 70 MPH, you will take 135 days to get to the moon by car.
18. There are actually 12 people who have already walked on the moon’s surface.
19. It was in year 1972 when a human stepped on its foot on the moon.
20. Lunar roving vehicles are termed as moon buggies, vehicles specially designed for moon driving.

21. The LRVs weigh 210kg. They are constructed to carry 4 times their weight, up to 490kg on the moon.
22. During the Apollo missions, there is a total distance of 56 miles driven within the 3 LRVs.
23. In 1971, the cost of creating a Lunar Roving Vehicle is $38M.
24. The age of the oldest lunar rock acquired from the moon is 4.8 billion years old.
25. The lowest temperature of the moon on non-sun facing side is -153 Celsius, while 123 Celsius on the facing side (highest temperature).

With these facts about the moon, you will surely discover how amazing this heavenly body is.

Facts About the Moon


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