Cool Facts About Comets


There are some cool facts about comets that will surely get your interest. Comets are very common to all people. It is true that comets are most brilliant and uncommon objects to see in the sky at night. Actually, they look like the soaring bacons that have unique tails and they usually come from the outer sphere of the solar system. These are small world that are usually called planetesimal.

What Comets are Comprised Of

Comets are made of ice and dust just like a snow ball. They come from the two different places and these are the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt. They really have beautiful appearance that anyone can see when they pass over the Earth.

It is true that most of the people think that the tail of comets always follow the back of it. Well, the truth is the tail or coma of comets can be on their front or back. Their tail points on the location of the sun. The radiation and heat of the sun create a wind called the solar wind. As you know that comets are made of ice and dust, they melt when they come nearer the sun. The dust and gas that melted are usually blown away by the solar wind away from the sun. This only means that when comets pass in the direction of the sun, their tails are in their back but when they pass away from the sun, you can found their tail on their front.

Where You Can Find Comets

They are always on the orbit around the sun, just like the planets. Comets are made for about 4.5 billion years before they become even bigger. In fact, they are considered as the leftovers from the outer and cold regions of the solar system. These regions are broadening away from the orbit of Pluto and Neptune. However, they are still a part of the solar system and they are closer on Earth as compared to the stars.

Comets’ orbits are elliptical and these bring them closer to the sun. As their orbit move, this also takes them away from that hot and gigantic object. When comets have short orbit, they may take 20 or less years before they will be able to accomplish passing around the sun while longer orbit takes 200 years or more. These comets with orbit are called Halley type comets.

Three Parts of a Comet

Comets are composed of three parts and these are:

This is the solid center component that is made of ice, rocky debris, and gas. These are being formed when the energy coming from the sun turns the coma which passes around the nucleus. It can also form a fanned out tail at the back of it.

It is the dust and gas atmosphere that can be found around the nucleus.


These cool facts about comets really contain interesting information that you will surely appreciate. Knowing these cool facts about comets will also help you in giving other people ideas about how these dazzling and brilliant heavenly bodies are formed in the sky.


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