Cost of Space Exploration vs. Sci-Fi Movie Budgets


Everybody knows that space probe, while surely not the biggest expenses of many countries, is not reasonable. On the other hand, neither huge budget sci-fi movies either. Sets, popular actors, special effects, all these come with immense price tags which make science fiction and adventure movies expensive ventures, even if large certainly is not always better. Once you compare or assess the cost of the actual space probe to the expense of making movie regarding space probe that only for entertainment purposes what will you assume to get?

The Facts About Space Exploration

When the primary science fiction movie was shown it attracts the interest of many viewers concerning space probes. Only few qualify to be an astronaut, still you can experience space exploration by means of television and cinema. The infographics recently published looks at the expenses involved and assess science fact to science fiction.

The cost of space exploration film versus reality shows that Hollywood movie produced approximately 10.6 billion US dollars, which enough or more than the budgets of France, India and China concerning space programs. Even if you combine the budget of these three countries the result is still far from the US Cinema film revenues.

What Star Trek Costs

The Star Trek movie series has a total expense of 983 US million dollars, which is more than Norway’s and United Kingdom space budget mixed that has only equivalent of 958 million US dollars. 983 million dollars, according to expert is enough to launch six European Ariane 44Ls.

The budget of the upcoming Star Trek movie that will be coming this year is enough to commence 10 Pegasus XL’s. The total expense of the Star War Movies is 635 million, which is more than half of the budget of India Space Exploration in year 2010 amounting to 1.24 billion US dollars that is enough to commence forty seven Russian Rockets or twelve Long March 2Es of China.

The Cost of the Alien Movie

The newest installment in the Alien movie entitles Prometheus has a total budget of 130 US million dollar. When compared to the running cost of the SETI or search for extra Terrestrial Intelligence radio signals from different parts of the world in the believed of finding another civilization is very far. SETI has only 25 million US dollar budget. 130 million is enough to sustain or fund the SETI for how many years of searching.

Film Revenue vs. Cost of Space Exploration

Once you compare the world box office profits to space budget by country in billions you will see that there is a huge difference in figures. Unites States of America has 10.6 dollars of movie profit with a 18.7 space budget. India has total movie revenue of 1.8 dollars, with a 1.2 dollar budget in space exploration. United Kingdom has total film revenue of 1.8 dollars, with 0.5 million dollar space budget exploration.

The first thriving Mars Rover, the Sojourner costs 382 million US dollar, however the most costly movie of all time, cost 336 million US dollar of making; which is the Pirates of Caribbean.

The infographics regarding the cost of space exploration film versus reality shows that a lot of people spend a high amount of money simply for entertainment and fiction. They forget about the truth and the real essence of living in this world.

Cost of Exploring Space


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