Cool Facts About the Planet Uranus


The planet Uranus is considered as the 7th planet away from the sun and it is also the first planet that has been revealed with the use of a telescope. The unique feature of the planet Uranus is the sideways axis to south poles of it and their respective equators. The name of this planet came from the name of the Greek god of the sky. Uranus was discovered by Herschel William in the year 1781. During that time, William believed that the planet Uranus is a comet. He named his discovery as Georgian Sidus after the name of King George.

Uranus Atmosphere

The atmosphere of planet Uranus is usually composed of helium and hydrogen and a small quantity of methane. There is also a wide range of pronunciations for this planet and the common pronunciation of is “u-ra-nus” and the other one is “ur-unus”. The gravity surface of this planet is about 89 percent as compared to the Earth’s surface. But, according to a research, since this planet has a gaseous surface, it does not have a definable plane. The atmospheric temperature of Uranus is about -224 degrees Celsius and it is the reason why it has been considered as the coldest planet within the planetary system.

Uranus Moons

The names of the planet Uranus’ moons were gathered from the name of the characters in William Shakespeare’s creation that include Miranda, Titania and Oberon. The Voyager 2 is the spacecraft that attempts to visit the planet Uranus way back in the year 1986 with a distance of 81, 500 kilometers. The planet Uranus also has two rings; the first one is the inner ring and the other one is the outer ring. The first ring of this planet was discovered in the year 1977 and the other ring was found in 2003 with the use of the Space Hubble Telescope.

The Mass of Uranus

The mass of Uranus is about 86,810,300,000,000,000 billion kilograms. The equatorial diameter is 51,118 kilometers, the polar diameter is 49,946 kilometers, the equatorial circumference is 159,354 kilometers and their known satellites are 27. The notable satellites include Titania, Miranda, Umbriel, Ariel and Oberon and its surface’s temperature is -197 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere in this planet is boring since you will not see bands of storms and clouds that the planets Saturn and Jupiter have. It is a fact that you can even see this planet even without using your telescope, just with your naked eyes. According to scientists and astronomers, the planet Uranus has 27 moons wherein they are all belong to the lightweight group.

Titania is considered as the biggest moon of the planet Uranus. Its diameter is measured half of the Earth’s moon size. Most of the scientists are working hand in hand to explore and gather more facts and data regarding the planet Uranus. They are hoping that in the upcoming years, there are spacecrafts that will visit this planet and give them with valuable information and observation that they might get during their visit. The cool facts about the planet Uranus is very important for a certain individual to learn and understand.


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