Cool Facts About the Solar System


Learning the place you live in is an interesting thing. It not only lets you learn new and interesting information. The information you learn also helps during unexpected times when you are asked randomly about the solar system. For the science geeks, such information is already stored in your mind. But for those who want to learn new and cool facts about the solar system, there are a lot of those that you can still store in your mind. The following are just some of those solar system cool facts. Are you ready to learn? Start reading then.

• Before, the solar system is known to be composed of 9 planets. However, due to recent discoveries, one of the planets – Pluto – was removed from the list. This fact was proclaimed in 2006, which was declared by scientists. The reason for this as they say is that Pluto is too small to be called a planet.

• Did you ever wonder if there is also dust in the Solar System and if it gets to the surface of the Earth? If you are, here’s some information for you. Each day, there’s about 50 tons of space rocks and dust that fall to the Earth. However, not all of these are getting into the Earth’s surface. Some of these get destroyed upon entry. And, as a result, it only leaves fine dust.

Want some other cool facts about the solar system? Do not worry, there is more to tell.

Saturn: Not the Only Planet with Rings

Listening to your science class, Saturn’s amazing rings are always emphasized. These rings are made up of ice, small rocks as well as other particles. But for your benefit, the planet is not the only one with rings. You might have seen an image of the solar system already and of the other planets. Almost all larger planets have rings. It only seems that Saturn has the only one with rings because people do not see the other planet’s rings from here. Both Neptune and Jupiter have rings and would you believe that Uranus even has 9 bright rings?

Your Weight When on the Moon is Lesser

Some of you probably already know of this one cool fact about the solar system. The moon has a small mass, which makes its gravity lesser compared to Earth and the gravity here is 6 times stronger. Due to that, when you are on the moon, you will be able to jump 6 times higher compared to when you do that here.

The Mass of the Solar System is 99% Sun

In the solar system, the sun is its most vital part. Everyone knows that the sun is very enormous, which somehow makes up as a reason that the solar system’s mass is mostly and approximately 99% Sun.

Did you have fun with these cool facts about the solar system? There are still a lot to find and learn if you want to know more.


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