Number of Military Communication Satellites by Country


Military satellites can be very valuable, but, all at once, there are a few of risks to utilizing them. There are certain reasons why the armed forces decide to utilize satellites and most times have their own.

The Establishment of Satellites

Satellites were established back in the 1945. Clark, Arthur was capable to discuss the advantages behind utilizing them. This largely focused on the reason that information can be sent anytime and anywhere in the world. This forecast was done more than a decade prior the equipment was really made and place into space and now they utilize for many reasons.

It is likely to make the equipment move at the precise same accuracy as the Mother Earth. Once they attach at the equator meaning they keep in that position at all times. And this makes the satellite act like stable transmission towers.

There’s no need to be in a place which is packed of fix Earth bound transmission towers. Also, there are individuals who can get the data once they are in restricted or remote areas like in the middle of a Sahara desert. There’s no need of using electricity as the military satellite is capable to generate all the energy which is required. All this is gained from sun rays that are very effective once utilized in space because there are no clouds to prevent the light from travelling.

Military Capabilities

The military is capable to utilize military satellite as a means of communicating long distances, even to restricted places. It also tracks all your movement. Satellite has been utilized during the war period to assist with tracking the whereabouts of the enemies and actions while also keeping in touch with the superiors and soldiers.

There are many kinds of satellites available; communication satellite is maybe the most significant space capability for armed forces, letting for true time command and control of militaries deployed. Another type of satellite is the early warning satellite that is made by the USSR and US to track missile attack. Intelligence satellites on the other hand, are utilized for signal interception. A navigation satellite is another form of satellites utilized to guide militaries, determine targets as well as for weapon guidance.

Satellites from the United States

United State has the most number of military satellites with just about 129, some of these are used solely for military purposes while small fraction is used for government and commercial use. Next is Russia with 75 satellites, followed by China with 35 and Israel with 9, France 8, UK and Germany with 7 satellites, Italy 6 and India 4.

These satellites could be assaulted using nuclear weapons; space based weapon, jamming, conventional weapons and directed energy weapons.

It is remarkable how much a satellite has improved after a while. In the 1945, all was predicated of what one will be able to. Today, military satellites are utilized to stay in contact with militaries while on operations wherein there is no source of energy accessible and to obtain images at all times and all types of weather in order to keep one step ahead.

Militarization of Space


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