Details on the Alien Abduction Incident in Lake County


Details on the Alien Abduction in the Lake Country is a horror documentary directed by Dean Alioto. It was originally seen in the UPN on January 18, 1998. The story was written by Paul Chitik and Dean Alioto. The movie brought controversy among the people who first saw the movie because many believed that it conveys real events without realizing that it only contains fiction information about the abduction of aliens in the Earth. It is a documentary movie created by Kanneth Cueno Productions. The storyline of the documentary film talks about the struggle of McPhersons family to survive from the attacks and abduction of aliens. Featured actors and actresses in the documentary film are Benz Antoine, Michael Buie, Marya Delver, Ingrid Kavalaars, Aaron Pearl, Katlyn Ducharme, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gillian Barber, Bart Anderson and Kristian Ayre.

The Documentary Story

The story of the documentary film revolves around the director who started it by presenting footage of an interview with the McPherson gamily gathering during a Thanksgiving dinner. Kurt and Brian went outside the house to check the fuses. Tommy follows them with a camera because he is making a personalized home video for his family. After finding the fuses that all went in the woods to investigate a sparking transformer. They found an object that they cannot identify. They hide from a tree and they saw two alien holding a ray gun. Although they attempt to hide but the alien saw them and raises its gun that burns the hand of Tommy. They run as fast that they could to tell their family members to escape but they did not able to convince them. They see lights in the sky and a sneaky figure outside their window. To convince his parents Tommy plays the video that he took when they saw the aliens. But it is too late to flee because a high frequency attacked them. When it stops, Kurt get his shotgun and decided to make everyone get in the vehicle to be able to leave. But Kurt’s truck did not able to start because the battery melted so they decided to go back the house.

They can hear some weird sounds from the roof, an alien able has made its way to go inside their house. Kurt leads the way to go upstairs and start the search. Tommy went to his room to get his pants when he is attacked by an alien that made Tommy to lose his memory about his encounter with the aliens. A ball of light the floats in the house made Renee in to coma. Kurt and Brian went outside the house to try again starting the truck they swap out the melted battery and change it to be able to leave in the place and take Renee in the hospital. Minutes after they leave they can still gunshots. They suffer hallucinations cause d by their terrible encounter with aliens except Rose who seems to be immune.

The family members become hysterical whenever they hear shotguns. They can feel a burning sensation on the backs of their necks and they discover that a triangle shaped burns are formed on their necks.

Tommy also gives a testimonial about their encounter with the aliens. The director ends the scene of documentary movie by panning the focus of the camera into the woods that reveal strange lights and two figures getting near to them and everyone run fast as they could to go in the house and survive from the terrible gun shots of aliens.


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